Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sporting the Stretch Pants... Or not so much.

I wanted to whip out my camera so bad this morning when I was grocery shopping at Walmart ::gasp! Sometimes I go to Walmart!:: because I walked past what I would call one of my worst nightmares of the Jr. High years. The floral printed long-legged stretch pant.

I know that there are plenty of people who pull off this look (well - at least try and I'll give them an A for effort), but I am NOT one of them. And just for clarification, this picture is in no way a representation of what I would look like in these. Stretch pants do nothing for me. Nothing. Walking past that rack of hanging stretch jeans (and other atrocities) could very well have sent me into a full blown panic attack. Flash backs of high school kids teasing me because of my bold-colored matching zip up hoodie and stretch pants with the side pony tail and leg warmers about made me cry right then and there.

It brought back so many memories of the younger years (better memories than the teasing). Years of dying my hair with packs of powdered Kool Aid with my besties and dreaming of Bryan White and Jonathan Brandis (yes, I totally just admitted that). When my friends and I would have sleepovers that ended up lasting all weekend, every weekend. Then I started remembering things in high school, like basketball practice, and doing wall-sits until our quads were burning so bad it felt like they were going to start our shorts on fire. I remember not winning a single basketball game during all of junior high - probably because we were more focused on how good (or bad) we were going to look in our stretch pants at school the next day than the actual game we were attempting to play.

Anyway, crazy how one rack of clothes can bring such an array of mixed feelings and at the very least a million memories. What clothes link you instantly to a distinct memory from your childhood? Did it ever come back in style - and most importantly - did you wear it again the second time around? Dish!


  1. Jellies. You know, the plastic shoes? LOVED them! I would wear them now except I think my feet would sweat so bad, it wouldn't be pleasant.

  2. many to choose from. How about overalls with one side up, one hanging & the legs pegged? That instantly takes me back to middle school with my straight-except-for-my-bangs hairstyle & my insane crush on Matt. No, I didn't wear it again & I doubt it will come back into style..
    Snap bracelets- ahhh for the days when your arm was nearly rendered immobile for the five snap bracelets you had strung along it, with the fifth not fully fitting over and digging into your flesh. Ok, for me that was like bracelet #2 because I have big wrists. I think they came back for awhile, my nieces had them but I haven't seen lately.
    Hypercolor- woohoo that stuff was cool. Except for days when you were really sweaty and your armpits were a different color, that was awesome. I think some variation on the Hypercolor theme has come back...
    B.U.M. Equipment & Enuf- I don't think I ever got to have an Enuf one but I did have B.U.M. Equipment one, tucked in the front, hanging in the back- aw yeah.
    Most of these bring back memories of middle school, I don't remember being "stylish" in high school. Mostly I wore jeans & t-shirts or sweatshirts and my hair was just long and straight. So I guess the funny styles in my high school years were wasted on me.

  3. Oh my gosh, I would have died to have a pair of jellies! Those were definitely the "it" thing back in the day! :)

    And Nay, Zach and I were JUST talking about hypercolor stuff and how it was so cool then (but now in our older years, we care about the fact that we sweat and wouldn't want to wear it so much anymore, lol). Totally sported the overalls w/one strap hanging down w/a tank top underneath, too. Our basketball coach loathed that look and said if we want to be on the team we WOULD NOT wear that during season.

    I vaguely remember feeling like nothing was cool to wear unless it had a hood on it, too. You know, t-shirts and everything. Oh, and stirrup pants! I seriously saw a lady at the dentist's office the other day who had the stirrup pants and the slouch socks on. They were white socks though - not the rad alternating pink and orange I'm-totally-wearing-four-socks look. I'll admit, I was a little disappointed in her... ;)