Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ever have one of those days when you're so emotionally exhausted (for no good reason except that you're in your third trimester of pregnancy so stuff like not getting to the phone in time makes you cry even if it's telemarketers calling) that even though you're trying really hard to keep the sugar intake at a minimum you find yourself mindlessly picking M&Ms out of the Costco bag of trail mix and justifying it by thinking that if you had to work that hard to get a little pile of them in your hand (it's hard work avoiding all the healthy other stuff that's in trail mix) the fact that they're made of pure-sugar has to be negated?

::side eye::

I do.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Might-Have Monday

I might have gone into Target yesterday and spent $63 but forgot the one thing I actually went in there to buy (anyone have a couple of vacuum bags I can borrow?).

As I was driving the kids to school this morning they were in the back seat getting so mad at each other over something so dumb it made me want to pull my hair out. I might have been so unbelievably frustrated with their fighting that I literally yelled at them the verse in James that talks about being slow to anger. Oops.

I might have made homemade bread today and as I was waiting for it to rise (it wouldn't!) I realized that I had doubled only half of the ingredients.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

We love a lazy day with our little family.

We slept in.

We watched cartoons.

We built a blanket-fort in the kids' bedroom.

We laughed as we watched the kids make their way slowly up and down the stairs trying not to hurt their sore muscles (from roller skating last night at a birthday party).

We made fruit smoothies.

We watched NCAA basketball (because it's March, and that's what you do on a Saturday in March).

We listened to the rain as we snuggled on the couch.

We laughed as we watched the baby wiggle and shift around in my tummy.

We said, "yes!" way more than, "no" to our kids.

We stayed in our jammies (and didn't feel guilty!).

We listened to Natalie and Carter challenge each other to checkers by the fire while Jack was taking his nap and we were reading in the living room.

We love a lazy day with our little family.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Usually my kids completely impress me. Usually when we're in public, they do so awesome that we get compliments on how well behaved they are. I'll admit, it feels good to have that pat-on-the-back and to have some affirmation from strangers who don't just like my kids because they're related to them and thus have no choice.

That being said, they still have their off days. And seriously you guys, sometimes it's bad.

Sometimes we take them out to eat with out of town family we haven't seen in a while, and one of them (the seven year old boy) announces (right after he scarfs his meal down in record time) that he will gladly eat any one's food they don't finish (and I'm pretty sure the tables next to us assumed he was talking to them as well because he said it loud enough for the whole room to hear).

Sometimes one of the kids will get up from the table, walk over to me (when I'm in mid-conversation), and ask when we can leave because this is getting, "SO BORING."

Sometimes one of them will yell across the table that they have to go potty "rightnoworI'mgoingtopeemypants!"

Sometimes they brag to the people we're at dinner with that they might get ice cream on the way home (they did not get any ice cream).

Sometimes they make me want to pull my hair out and scream, "Where is the mother of these children and why did she leave them with me!?!"

But then sometimes they redeem themselves.

Sometimes, at bedtime, they say something to Jeff and I like, "I'm sorry. I'm really ashamed of the way I acted at dinner. I'm going to pray and ask Jesus to forgive me for being so selfish and only thinking of myself." (Oh yes, it happened. And completely unprompted. Although we did have a "conversation" on what is acceptable behavior on the way home.) And it made me realize that this parenting gig, this living gig, is all trial and error. We mess up sometimes (or a lot of the time), but we get second chances. We get do overs. There is forgiveness.

And honestly? I'd rather have kids who mess up, realize it, and learn something from it than kids that never mess up at all. They still impress me. Maybe even more than before.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Today is a busy day. Well, sort of. We aren't going anywhere, but just trying to get caught up around the house (even though I feel like I've spent the whole week doing this... how does this happen!?).

Had our niece (Micah) over to spend the night last night (which means I have to cook breakfast - to keep up appearances and all). So french toast for breakfast followed by dishes, laundry, pulling one of Natalie's teeth out (don't worry, it was ready), more laundry, hair cuts for the little boys (and then Dad and Jeff tonight), making cookies in cups with the kids (from Pinterest - can't wait to try it out!), then Natalie's spending the night with Micah tonight and Jeff and I are left having to find a way to make the boys feel like they're getting the better end of the deal by staying home with us (even though they most definitely are not - but sometimes the girls just gotta have fun by themselves, ya know?).

And this is just Friday.

I'm looking forward to a semi-relaxing weekend with my husband. It feels like things have been crazy around these parts as he's left for work at 6am and not gotten home until about 7:30pm all week, so a weekend home is definitely in order. Probably doing fun stuff like taxes.

What are your guys' big plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dinner and Stuff

I'm not going for any parenting awards (I'm pretty sure I can hear you laughing) but it would be nice to know if making crock-pot lasagna and homemade rolls tonight will make up for the cold cereal I served for dinner last night in front of the TV while watching America's Funniest Videos followed immediately by ice cream. Oh yes, we did....


Oh, and since I'm already not getting "Mother of the Year" this year (right?) I just thought I'd add how I find watching my kids discovering all on their own the repercussions of snapping rubber bands simply hysterical.

{Yes, I'm apparently that Mom.}

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Relinquishing Control (as in remote control)

Jack came downstairs and wanted to watch a cartoon while I was making us some lunch. I said that would be fine, but my hands were dirty, so he'd have to change the channel himself. I explained that all he had to do was take the remote to the "big living room tv," point it at it, and press 3-0-1 (for Noggin).

He excitedly grabs the remote, runs down the few stairs to the sunk-in living room and attempts to press said buttons.

When he got back up the stairs (to the "little tv") he can see that he messed up somewhere in the numbers because it's not cartoons on.

I tell him that I'll wash my hands and help him in a minute. He stops me by saying, "Wait, no, Mommy! This is the channel that tells you how to use the remote the right way (it was the DirectTV "default" channel)... I think I need to watch this and learn how."

So, my four year old son sat and watched a 10 minute "show" on how to navigate your DirectTV remote.

What kid does that???

He must take after Jeff.

Randomness (as usual)

It's snowed the past 2 days/nights and we're completely enjoying the beautiful white covering all around us. Oh, and the 2-hour delays for school in the mornings aren't bad, either.

Tonight at AWANA Natalie and Carter get to race the soap-box cars they've been carving, sanding, painting and putting together - we're all pretty excited for the race!

Tomorrow is Friday and there is no school. This is the day  I get to take a deep breath and enjoy my kids like crazy as opposed to enjoy them driving me crazy. Then we're headed to Jeff's Mom and Dad's house (but his Mom is out of town) for dinner with the fam - and I'm really looking forward to relaxing and playing cards and having some fun!

Then, Saturday morning I'm headed to town to meet a friend (that I haven't seen in MONTHS) for a much needed Mommy-break (for both of us!) and to catch up, drink coffee obviously and LAUGH. Aahhhh, I'm so excited!

The rest of the weekend will be spent relaxing with my sweet husband (and praying he can rest and start to feel better because the illness that had me down the past couple of weeks still has him down - poor guy!) and hanging out with our amazing kids. Yes. It will be good.