Wednesday, February 27, 2013

jack says...

"Dora the Explorer is really good at speaking Spanish but she's horrible at listening! She's always saying, 'LOUDER!' I mean can she really not hear me? I'm practically yelling at her!"

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

runner's high?

I felt really good when I woke up this morning. I'm not sure if it's because I finally feel better after being sick for five days, or if it's because Fischer slept through the night last night, or because I know Jeff's coming home tonight after his week-long business trip, but I just felt...good.

The morning went fairly smoothy. I got the kids to school on time (ie: I pulled in the same time as the bus - even if we were both late) and then played with Jack and fed Fischer and everything happened on schedule. Got the dishes done and the floors vacuumed before Fischer's morning nap and when I hopped on the treadmill for my run I sort of felt like everything was in place so I could just enjoy the run (does that make sense?).

And oh how I enjoyed my run. It usually takes at least the first mile to feel "in the groove." I always tell myself that I can't judge how good or rough any particular run is going to be until I'm at least done with the first mile because the first is always a struggle for some reason. However, today it was a total breeze. I usually keep my eyes glued to the time during the first mile, but today I didn't even look at the minutes ticking away until I glanced down and saw that 17 minutes had already passed - I was shocked (that's unheard of for me!). My body just felt, I don't know, into it today I guess.

I ended up running EIGHT MILES straight. Without stopping once. EIGHT MILES.

Granted they weren't fast (a little less than 10 minute miles) but still - I did it - and it felt good.

Bring on the day - I'm ready now!

Monday, February 25, 2013

precious moments

There's a small window of time (an hour maybe) after the "big kids" are at school and Fischer is down for his morning nap that Jack and I have all to ourselves. We don't use this time doing chores or showering, we usually cuddle up on my unmade bed and read (and save "school" for later). I'm all too aware that this time passes far too quickly and I don't want to take any of these moments for granted. I know how blessed I am to get to be home with my kids and I adore having the privilege of spending this precious time with them - I want to cherish each one with intentionality. 

{Please excuse my face bed-head-hair and the egg yolk that is still plastered on Jack's cheek. This is real-life, folks, no photo-shop here.}

Saturday, February 23, 2013


At the doctor's office the other day our pediatrician was making small talk with Jack while he checked his ears for (and confirmed) infections. He was talking about Kindergarten next year and Jack was telling him that he doesn't want to home school, he wants to go to school because of the candy the kids (supposedly) get at school. The doctor asked him if candy was good for him, which he immediately answered with, "Of course it is! It's GREAT for you!" I piped up and reminded Jack (as I have a bazillion times before) that candy (like pretty much everything) is okay in moderation.

The doctor looks at Jack and says, "It's sure a good thing you have a Mommy."

Without skipping a beat Jack goes, "No - it's sure a good thing I have a Grandma!"

Seriously. My kids. I swear.

Friday, February 22, 2013

the dating game?

As most of you probably already know, Jeff has had to travel as a part of his job for about 7 years (so him being gone occasionally is nothing new). Well, today was one of the days that I just wish he was home because lemme tell ya, having to explain to your eight-year-old son why "mating" and "dating" are not actually interchangeable terms is a job for DAD. 
 Well played, farm-life, well played.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I can see! Sort of.

The reason Jack thinks his Mommy is so old? Her eyes are starting to fail her.
The reason he thinks she's so cheap? She went to the pharmacy section of Fred Meyer and bought some reading glasses in lieu of going to an actual eye doctor.

Not a great fit for my face but who care's - they were like $10 bucks and I can now read without squinting! WIN-WIN! {Jack was right. I am cheap.}

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Being thankful.

Thankful for a 5 year old boy who could play Old Maid and Lego's with me until the sun goes down. He blesses my heart.

Thankful for afternoon apples and peanut butter snacks. 

Thankful for an 8 month old baby who falls asleep while I'm putting water in the pot for tea and wakes up right when I'm closing my Bible Study books.

Thankful for the glass doors on the wood stove so that I can enjoy not just the warmth of a fire but the beauty of it as well.

Thankful for a gifted treadmill that works wonderfully even on days when I don't feel like working it.

Thankful for an 8 year old boy that always (always!) remembers to give a "good morning!" and a sweet hug first thing each and every day. He blesses my heart.

Thankful for books that churn your heart and make you want to do more. Be more. Love more. Give more. Trust more. Learn more. Seek Him more.

Thankful for parents who (even though we live with them) still offer to babysit so we can go out on a date every now and then. 

Thankful for the beauty of being surrounded by trees. And for not hearing traffic.

Thankful for a 10 year old daughter who does barn chores like a boss. Without complaint. Thoroughly. With love for each and every animal. She blesses my heart.

Thankful for a husband who is my best friend, my strong shoulder, my level head, my inside joke, my butterflies, my deep breath, and my favorite everything. He blesses my heart.

Thankful for a God who is my redeemer, the lover of my soul, my forgiver, my grace, my peace, my provider, my rock when everything feels like jello. He has my heart.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


It’s true. If you accept average, if you settle for ordinary, if you deem yourself common, fear will leave you alone.
If you decide to rock vanilla right into the grave, fear will give you a free pass.
But the minute you stand up and start doing something with your life, fear will awaken.
Fear stirs, fear gets loud."

Jon Acuff 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Weekend Update (but not with Seth Meyers - unfortunately)

Even though it's Tuesday already (how did that happen?!) I feel like it should be noted that I had the best weekend because I haven't said that in a while I guess.

The kids didn't feel well.

We stayed around home for the most part.

We didn't get to sleep in as long as we thought we would.

It was over much too quickly.

But man, it was the best.

Friday the kids had conferences at their school. I was sure Jeff wouldn't be able to make it (although he hadn't missed any yet) because he had been swamped at work that week and really wanted to catch up before the weekend, but just as I was getting ready to pile the kids in the Yukon and head to the school, he pulled up, started helping to load kids and smiled knowing he totally not only made my day, but made the kids' day, too. (Not to mention the fact that he handed me a hot Americano-with-cream to sip on during conferences - he loves me, this I know for sure.) Even better was that on the way to the school when I asked what time he said he'd be back to work, he revealed that he was done for the weekend. Checked out. He was HOME. I exhaled and smiled...for the rest of the day.

Saturday was low key. Jeff got up early and made coffee. After my first second cup was consumed, I made my way out of bed and into to the kitchen to make our favorite breakfast: German pancakes. A rare but oh-so-loved treat for all of us.

The kids like to put powdered sugar and a little lemon juice on theirs (like I said - a RARE treat). :)

Mid morning Jeff took Fischer from my arms and tossed me my running shoes. I got to run (my fastest!) 5K without a care in the world because I knew he had everything under control and wanted me to just enjoy myself for a bit. Which I absolutely did even though at the same time I felt like I was going to die.

While I was running, (I found out later) he was deep cleaning our bedroom. Yes, you read that right. I married prince charming, Ikidyounot. {The guy even used the vacuum attachments - that's how awesome he is.}

That afternoon we headed up to the gym with the kids where we played basketball and just shot around with them. It was no big deal and it was a huge deal all at the same time. It was us just being us and enjoying each others company running around like crazies. I was also flooded with memories of watching Jeff practice basketball in high school and remembering how my heart just fluttered out of my chest back then. However, Saturday was even better - it being 13 years later and hanging out in that same gym watching that same amazing guy teaching our kids the fundamentals of that same game and feeling my heart just want to flutter right out of my chest again. Ohmyheart!

Can I just say that I love how my daughter is wearing basketball shorts, leggings, knee high socks and tennis shoes? Because I totally do. She's got a style all her own and she boy does she own it! :)

...and then there's Jack - all layered up. Since I had mentioned to him that he might get hot wearing that and he chose to wear it anyway, he did not make one peep about the sweat dripping off of his body as we were loading up in the car when we were ready to head home (blesshisheart).

Our spectator section was the bomb.

While Jeff and I were doing the dishes that night I asked him if he knew where the kids went. We took a break to check out what they were doing...and they were all asleep in their beds! {They have now done that 4 nights in a row. We start on the dishes and they go upstairs, brush their teeth and quietly get in their bed. To say they've been worn out would be a complete understatement.} Oh - except Jack. He'd already fallen asleep at the table during dinner.

Sunday we had a low-key morning because everyone woke up feeling pretty lousy. That afternoon we went down to Jeff's parent's house and had pizza and played cards and laughed. It was wonderful and not just because of how very much I love pizza.

Simple. Lots of down time. Recovery time. Connection. Togetherness. I just love my little BIG! family.