Monday, October 24, 2011

October Overview (because I'm *that* lame)

Well, this month just flew by, didn't it?

It seems like October just started (possibly because the wonderful "October weather" I love so much finally showed up this week) and now it's almost over! How did that happen... and where was I!?

The second weekend of October I had the privilege of attending Women Of Faith in Portland with my mother in law, sister in laws (more commonly known as "my sisters"), my brother in law's girlfriend (you follow?) and another friend (related now through the initiation that was hanging out with all of us for the weekend and living to tell about it).

It. Was. Wonderful! I loved every minute of it. It was my first time attending and lemme tell ya, if you ever have a chance to go (and you're a woman) GO! You will NOT regret it. I promise.

While I was kickin' it with my girlies, my husband was at his parent's house (sans his Mom, she was with me, remember?). Him and his Dad held down the fort with our kids and they had a weekend of camping. In the driveway. They were planning on taking the kids camping (away from home) that weekend, but something came up at work and Jeff couldn't take Friday off like he had planned, so they ended up camping at home. They made a campfire and roasted marshmallows. They slept out in the camper in their sleeping bags. They laid on the floor of the living room and watched the stars through the skylights. They had a wonderful time and I am SO blessed to have a husband who encourages me to go and do things knowing not only will him and the kids survive while I'm gone, but they'll all have an awesome time.

The next weekend the five of us (hubby, kids and I) travelled up to Portland to visit our great friends who just had a new baby girl. It was wonderful getting to see them (and meet their precious baby, Raegan). Renee (another bestie) flew down to Portland from Alaska that week (to also meet the baby) so it was double the fun that weekend! Good for the soul, I tell ya, real good.

This last weekend was filled with card games at Jeff's parents' house, chopping and stacking firewood, church, and raking leaves. Good times with the family, that's for sure.

During the weeks we've had homework and soccer and I've been trying to keep everything together in my head (you know, who has gym on what days, when library books are due, what papers I'm supposed to correct and which ones I'm just supposed to sign - they don't make it easy, folks, they sure don't). I'm loving this life though. Feeling unbelievably blessed to have such a wonderful family.

How is your October going?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This morning was one of those kind of mornings.

The kind where everyone around me wishes they, well, weren't.

The kind where I hear my own tone of voice, my own harsh words, my own impatience, and just wish I could change it, but for some reason I feel incapable of that seemingly impossible task.

I'm not overly tired. I do not have a tough schedule today that I am unprepared for. I was not up all night with littles.

I do not have an excuse.

However, I realized that...

I have not been in the Word.

I have not spent much time in prayer lately.

Even though my life is not particularly difficult (thisveryminute) it feels difficult because I feel disconnected from Him. When my relationship with Him is suffering (because of me, it's never because of Him) every relationship I'm in suffers.

So, after apologizing to my family (via the drive down the driveway to the bus stop, and an email to my husband) I'm calling a do-over.

Starting fresh with forgiveness.

Because after all, wasn't that His whole purpose from the beginning? We all need Him and we all need His forgiveness.

We all need a do-over.