Monday, February 28, 2011

I "Might Have" Monday

We might have all but completely run out of groceries over our busy weekend. Seriously.

I might have made the kids peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with English muffins for their lunches today because we were out of regular bread.

I also might have been staring down the last banana trying to figure out a way to have the kids split it in the lunch room at school.

I might have been willing to just toss a quarter in each lunch bag for them to buy milk to go with their pitiful looking lunches.

My husband might have looked at those pathetic lunches and then back at me and said sarcastically, "Lets just go wild and spring for school-lunches today..."

So, here's to Monday. Go wild.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I hear the fire crackling in the fireplace and I can smell the familiar and soothing scent of the wood burning. My sweet lab, Tucker, is laying at my feet and I can hear my children's laughter flowing from under the crack of their bedroom door. "Let's pretend," they say to each other as they start their unexpected day together at home. The snow is falling softly from the sky onto the smooth white blanket that our lawn has turned into over night.

As I'm taking the morning in, I realize how much I love this snow day and the unexpected sweet time I'm getting with my children. It's hard not to recognize the blessings when life is so calm. Even though sometimes all I do is complain, I really am so much more thankful for this family than I could ever voice. My husband, who I have no doubt loves me more than I will ever deserve, is one of the greatest gifts that God has given me. Each day we are blessed as we watch our children grow into the amazing individuals that God has purposefully designed them to be.

Right this minute I am delighting in the smiles that hot cocoa (brought back from Hershey, PA by their Daddy) brings to their beautiful faces. I'm reflecting on the laughter that seeing Jeff throw a snowball at me brought to them earlier this morning, and the hysterics that were brought on by me throwing a bigger one back at him. I'm thankful for today being a PJ day and the relaxation we will get to experience this afternoon as we are reading books on the floor of the boys' bedroom in the middle of a million half-built Lego castles.

I have a God who takes delight in the small things and I'm thankful that He's slowly teaching me the power in doing that as well.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Kid Quote! (from today)

Carter (reading an ad he saw on the cover of the phone book): "24 hour service... Hhmm. I wonder why they would want people to know that it takes them a whole 24 hours to get the work done - that's not very fast if you ask me!"

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Laundry Basket Boats

Yesterday was a good day. It was a day that I once would have considered a wash, but I realized as it was passing that I was cherishing every moment. I stayed home all day with my kids. We did not leave the house once. We all wore our pajamas well into evening time when we simply exchanged them for clean jammies to get ready for bed. Natalie wrote me a song. The boys played ninjas and made forts in their dark bedroom and played with flashlights. We made cookies. We watched movies and read books. We pretended that laundry baskets were boats and wooden spoons were ores. We spent the day doing the kind of stuff that I hope they will remember when they look back on their childhoods. We made memories, my heart was full, and the day was simply... good.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We celebrated my "little" brother's birthday after church on Sunday. Natalie rode to my parents' house with Zach (my brother) and Jeff and I trailed a bit behind with the boys. When we walked in the door we saw Natalie. No wonder she never wants to come home - this is the royal treatment she gets at Grandpa and Grandma's house... Soda with a licorice straw.

Naturally, the boys had to have some as well. Don't worry - we brushed teeth forever that night!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I haven't felt much like blogging lately because honestly, it's been a really hard week. I'm not trying to complain - and I'm not talking about illness, or weight loss or other things like that that seemingly don't matter when it comes right down to it - I'm talking about having a hard time because of losing someone you love.

A good friend of ours (who led the small Bible Study group Jeff and I and a few other couples were doing together) passed away on Sunday leaving behind his wife (also a good friend) and three young kids. My heart has been aching like mad this whole week and I just can't seem to function enough to blog my feelings (I don't even know if it's "appropriate" to blog my feelings about this, but they're just sort of coming out of me, so "appropriateness" is being thrown out the window).

I don't know why he had to die (he was only 34 years old and he had just been re-diagnosed with leukemia last month). I don't know why someone who was so on fire for the Lord had to pass away when he was doing so much good for so many people (and most importantly - for God!) but he did. I know (because it says so in Romans 8:28) that God will use everything that happens here on earth for His glory according to His purpose - and nothing in that verse says that we have to understand it - we just have to trust that there are reasons beyond our comprehension and that God will do what He says He will do, which I absolutely believe... even though it is so unbelievably hard in this minute!

So, that's where I am at. Thinking about (and constantly praying for) my dear friend who is going through the pain of not only losing her husband/best friend, but explaining it all to her three adorable sweet children.

Right now, I'm just going to continue to pray. I'm holding my kids close and my husband even closer. I'm still wondering, still unbelievably sad, and yet I am still trusting in His plan, knowing that ultimately - that's all that matters.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fit Friday

I'm writing my Fit Friday post on Thursday (even though you won't see it until Friday) because this week I want to focus on my achievements (eating healthy, working out, and drinking water) more than the actual weight loss (I won't weigh in until Friday morning).

I rocked it this week. If you've been reading my blog lately you know because I've been constantly whining about it that my whole family has been sick and it's been a pretty rough week. I have tried so hard to take care of myself despite the fact that most of the time I have felt like curling up under my electric blanket and crying. I was starting to feel a little depressed even, but I was able to pull myself out of it by concentrating on the things I did have control over instead of focusing only on the things I didn't.

What does that mean? Well, I couldn't help the fact that my family was sick. I could do everything in my power to not get whatever they had by drinking lots of water, trying to get enough sleep, exercising, and only putting food in my body that would help it stay healthy - so that's exactly what I did. And I can honestly say that I'm proud of myself for it!

As of right now (when I'm writing this, on Thursday) I don't even care about the number I'll see tomorrow morning... okay, I care a little bit... but honestly, if the number on the scale is the exact same as last week I can be okay with it, because  I know I did my best. So, there you go.... There I go!

***Weigh in results: -1/2 lb.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My kids are awesome. And ALWAYS good for a laugh.

Irrational Behavior (and this time, I'm not talking about mine!)

The irrationalities that go along with not feeling well when you're a kid are simply amazing. And sometimes hilarious - especially now that I'm feeling well enough to see the humor in it and all. Carter and Jack? Not finding anything funny today. Take, for instance, when we were trying to get lunch done with so I could put them down for naps on the table. There was one conversation that went a little like this:

Me: "Hey, Jack, do you want yogurt or applesauce with your lunch?"

Jack (throwing himself on the floor crying and unable to control his emotions): "I don't want applesauce! I want new pants!"

Then, not even 5 minutes later:

Jack: "Can I have some milk? I want milk. Mommy! I'm thewwwsty!"

Me: "Hang on, I'm getting it. Here you go."

Jack: "But this milk is cccooolllddd!!! I don't want cold milk!"

Uh, did you want me to heat it up for you? Because that would make me throw up. Seriously.

Oh, and earlier this morning I took Carter to the doctor and he's now on medication to help the inflammation in his lungs that is causing him to wheeze (the Albuterol isn't doin' anything for him) but it's not a yummy chewable pill, it's the kind you have to swallow. Soooo, in all my Mommy-wisdom I decide to (secretly) crush it and put it in his yogurt during lunch today. Great idea, right? Well, before I know it, I turn around and see him all but throwing up in the garbage can. "What are you doing!?" I asked sweetly shouted. His reply (as he's now laying on the floor whining and crying to no end due to the trauma)? "There's something wrong with that yogurt, Mom! It tastes like dead bugs! I am not eating anymore of it! PLEASE don't make me finish it - whahaahahaaa!"

So, I did what any reasonable, smart, and quick thinking woman would do. I put the whole yogurt container in a zip lock baggy, set it in the refrigerator, and I will let his Dad shove it down his throat get him to eat it later.

I'll let ya know how it all goes. Whew!