About Me (the Mom)


Is it just me or are these "about me" pages just a little awkward to write? Just me? Mmkay.

I'm Karey. I am blessed {and I mean that in the biggest way possible!} to be the wife of an amazing man (Jeff), and Mommy to four of the best kids on earth (Natalie, Carter, Jack and Fischer). We live out in the sticks on the west side of the beautiful state of Oregon (or-ee-gun), and we are simply awestruck by the life the Lord has faithfully been leading us through.

I am the full time co-manager of our household but if you come over to our house, please don't judge the job performance by any dust balls you may will find in the corners. I feel very blessed to get to be a stay at home Mom where I spend my time with my sweet family.

Let's see... A few things about me. Um, I'm a wanna-be runner, I adore being a Mama, my heart is new (I love Jesus and have accepted him as my Savior and He's made me a new creation), I drink coffee like I'm getting paid to do it I'm not though, unfortunately, my husband is my best friend (and was also my high school sweetheart - we go way back) , I love the lines in the lawn after a fresh mowing, I'm left handed, I have a BIG heart for Africa, I'm obsessed with Fall, and I love college football.

There you have it.

This is our story.