Monday, April 14, 2014


My parents offered to have the kids for three days this past weekend so Jeff and I (obviously!) said, "YES!" and took off.

The first night, after finishing the closing for the sale of our house we've had rented the past 2 1/2 years (the house sold after being on the market for SEVEN DAYS - God is big, you guys!), we went out for sushi and then headed for the coast. Aaahhh, sweet relaxation! The next morning we slept in, sipped on coffee and then went in search of garage sales, because obviously.

We eventually made our way to town where we met up with our friends for dinner and a movie (Beppe and Gianni's - YUM!!!) and headed back to our house (my parents had taken the kids to the coast for the night so we still had the place to ourselves). It was such a relaxing and fun weekend.

Then the kids got back.

Carter had, apparently, been throwing up all weekend and had a sore throat so as soon as they pulled in the driveway I had him shower and change his clothes and I took him to urgent care where they confirmed that he had strep throat.

Then this morning, Natalie woke up with the same symptoms so I took her in and STREP. AGAIN.

Natalie had it 6 weeks ago, then Jack had it, then Carter...and now Natalie again (Lord help us!).

So, all that to say: Jeff and I had a fabulous weekend followed by a huge dose of reality. I'm glad I had all that time to connect with my husband and just enjoy being in the company of each other before getting sucked dry by illness imbedded in my children.

Oh, and also...

Tonight Carter and Jack were fighting.

It went like this:

Carter: "I'm way older than you."

Jack: "So what. I'll probably live a lot longer."

Carter: "I doubt it. You'll probably get in a car accident."

Not even kidding. 

I need them to feel better for their own good (and mine!)!

Friday, April 4, 2014

it overflows

My older kids laughing hysterically outside as they play basketball on the patio together.

My husband driving up the driveway from work.

My toddler saying, "Mama?"

All of my favorite sounds at once.

Right now my cup overflows.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

my time

I went away for 3 days.

It was so so (sooooooooo times a million squared to the bazillionth power) good.

I called home the first night and my husband was pulling Fischer out of the bathtub, the older kids had already showered and brushed their teeth and they were all looking forward to snuggling up on our bed and watching Seven Brides For Seven Brothers together.

My husband had it all under control. He's such an amazing Dad and our kids just adore him. They looked forward to the weekend with him and it did not disappoint.

Knowing the home front was on the down low, I was able to relax and enjoy the time with some of my closest friends. There were 8 of us there (plus one baby - not mine) and it was just...easy. We had a delicious meal on Friday night at an ocean front restaurant and then on Saturday we had coffee (oh the coffee - YUM!) while we second-hand-store shopped to our heart's content. Maria and I ran on both Saturday and Sunday mornings on the beach (a first for me!) and it was amazing.  We stayed up late (I guess technically it would be "early" since it was that late both nights) playing cards, talking, laughing (oh the laughing!) and just

Sunday we slept in and made breakfast in the beach house and then packed up and headed home mid-afternoon. The time away was refreshing. I got out a lot of words. I'm a word person (I have found that this is a nice way of saying "I always have something to say") and just being able to be me the whole weekend (and not a wife, not a mother, not a daughter - just Karey) was appreciated in a way I've never really appreciated it before.

I came home to a clean house, clean kids, a hot-as-all-get-out husband and just drank in the memories as I shared the weekend happenings with Jeff all the while enjoying the faces of the sweet mini-people I missed while I was gone.

Life is back to "normal" around here but I feel a bit lighter (not physically, believe me) because of the blessing of the time. It was good. Really really.

{Oh, and side note to keep it real: I found out (later) that when I called Jeff and things were calm cool and collected while he was bathing our kids and settling in for the night on Friday he didn't mention that they were all getting baths because one of them didn't flush the toilet after going youknowwhatnumber and the baby was using the toilet as an experiment bowl and his arm/hand as a stirring stick and literally got crap everywhere. So, there's also that. But my husband is still the total bomb because he didn't make one mention of it while I was gone - he just wanted me to enjoy my time and he took care of it all. Bless that man.}

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

life randomness (as expected these days from me, amIright?)

You want to know what totally drives me crazy? Kids playing (away from me) and then telling each other they're going to "tell Mom" on the other one, then the tattle-taler running up to me and just saying, "I love you, Mom" all the while the other kid is promising them everything from their favorite pair of socks to their birth right to just. not. tell. Mom. when in reality the kid who is doing the "telling" never even planned on doing it in the first place. They just wanted to scare the other kid through some well thought out manipulation.

Drives me insane.

But anyway, how's your Spring Break going?

We had four days of glorious sunshine in a row. We got to mow the lawn (and the garden and the front field), do some gardening, wash the car, play outside, get mild sunburns and then the rains came. Now we've got bad attitudes and strep throat.

I know.

Luckily we're only one kid deep into the strep this round and hopefully it will stop there.

I'm going on a women's weekend away on Friday (through Sunday!) at the coast and I will not get sick before I get back from that. I WILL NOT. It is imperative for the well being of my whole family that I go. That I just...GO.

Despite my inability to remain sane lately, Jeff's zen-like attitude about the uncertainties of life continues to amaze me (I could learn a thing or two from my crazy-awesome husband - maybe someday I will). He never complains or whines or outwardly stresses out (lately I'm so frazzled that I flip a lid at someone leaving the toilet seat up pun intended? - needless to say, he's the calm one in the relationship).

He's solid as a rock while the question marks of life are just floating around us like balloons that we intend to pop one at a time (slowly but surely). I need that though, his solidness. His steady. His confidence. I don't have that. I mean, I do; I have peace in my heart and I know who I am, but I still get nervous and need a hand to hold when I know things are a-changin' (like knowing the inspector is at our house we're trying to sell and he's, well, inspecting it).

Taking life one day moment at a time has always been hard for me because I'm a have-it-written-out-and-planned-and-then-just-do-it sort of person and we're not in a place in our lives where we can live like that, so I'm learning. I'm stretching and trusting and whatdoyouknow, I'm still alive. And so are my kids (if, that is, they stop the fake tattling escapades).

Spring break is half over. It's raining outside. There are an insane amount of question marks on the road ahead of us, but we're together. We're balancing each other out. We're pressing on.

We're making it.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

just sayin'

Getting woken up by a kiss from one of my kids is unbelievably sweet...unless it's the kid who (currently) has strep throat and he's waking me up to tell me he has to throw up.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

mama needs a breather

We're getting out of Dodge for the weekend. Jeff's taking tomorrow off of work and we're going to have some fun! We're headed to a resort in Central Oregon for three care-free fun filled days with Jeff's side of the family! His parents rented a couple of houses there and a handful of us kids are going to meet up with them there. We'll play cards, the kids will swim in the indoor pool, we'll play basketball, cook yummy food, stay up late laughing our heads off - exactly what this girl needs right now.





Monday, March 3, 2014


Life is stressful around these parts these days. {And by "these parts" I mean my brain.}

Wondering about big stuff like if (when!) our house will sell. Will we ever find a place to buy (please, SOON!)? Having a toddler ready to have his own room in a big-boy bed and just not knowing where to put him...or when. Having a big trip coming up in June (ie: driving to Alaska and back over the course of 3 weeks) that I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around amidst said big stuff.

My sweet husband keeps reminding me that the actual big stuff is already blessed. We are healthy. Our kids are healthy. Our relationship is strong. Our game plan is solid (game plan: take steps in faith and trust the Lord's guidance). We're good.

I just don't feel good. I feel uneasy. I struggle with letting fear cause anxiety where it has no place. I lose my focus and listen to the wrong voice. I turn away from the spirit of calm in my heart and turn my attention to the flesh of chaos.

My feelings don't determine truth. They lie to me.

God has made promises to me. He promises to make everything work for my good. He promises to not give me a spirit of fear (so if I have one - it's not from Him!). He promises that He is worthy of my trust. He promises that His word is truth.

This is where I need to sit. SIT. Not do. Rest. Not think. Not be anxious. Just trust. Trust in the God who created this whole world and yet cares about the details of my heart, my family, and my future. He cares about my cares.

:: Sigh. ::

He is so good. So so very good.

I am choosing to rest in Him in this moment. And the next...just one at a time.