Monday, July 1, 2013


We're in it full swing now....this Summer thing.

And honestly? I'm LOVING it (finally in that *good* place again).

Yesterday we got to have "church" at our friends' place with a bunch of the families I love the most. We all met at their house and had a great missionary speaker (through whom God just blew me away!) followed by a delicious potluck and then the kids all played on a huge homemade slip-n-slide, a couple big trampolines, a play structure, and sprinklers while us adults had amazing discussions and fellowship. It was so much fun! Can't wait to do it again next month!

Today is chill day. Natalie and I got up early and made banana muffins for breakfast and the boys are out splitting and stacking some wood with my Dad before it gets freakishly hot (it's supposed to be mid-90s today). I'm going to get my workout in (as soon as Fischer finally goes to sleep) and then right after lunch we'll head to the lake (BLISS). 

Tomorrow is up early to go blueberry picking (one of my favorite days of the year - I LOVE blueberries!) with my sister Jeremi, followed by Bible Study at the lake on Wednesday.

Thursday (which is the fourth of July, in case you're living under a rock) Jeff and I have a hot (literally) date going to a friend's wedding and I'm excited to get dressed up and get to hang out with my HOTTIE husband for an evening (and be around people who don't call me "Mom"). 

Jeff gets Thursday-Monday off of work and I'm so excited for all that time with him I can barely stand it. Have I mentioned lately how blessed I am by my husband? He is all kinds of amazing and even though we had a few (really) rough years towards the beginning of our marriage (maybe sometime I'll write more about it - but let's just say that I was *not* a communicator and that can do major damage - FAST), anyway, he's pretty great and I'm looking forward to some family time camping, fishing, barbequing with friends, and just enjoying the blessings that the Lord has given to our family!

I will (hopefully!) remember to document all this breaking-news events and share next week. Have a great week, you guys!

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  1. Yeah, date night! Plus, what an awesome date to get married! :)