Saturday, August 24, 2013

blerg brain

I may or may not have misinformed my kids from a very young age that if they watch too much television it will shrink their brains.

Today, since 3/4 of them are sick, they pretty much laid around and watched movies most of the day (aside from our bike ride and when we were all doing chores at the barn - so there was some a little activity in the day as well).

Natalie came up to me tonight right after brushing her teeth to get ready for bed and says, "Mom, do you think my brain is smaller tonight because of all the movies today? I'm sort of worried about it."

I told her that one day of movies isn't going to shrink her brain too much and she's probably just fine.

She thought it over for a minute and after breathing a sigh of relief says, "Well that's good, but I did do a huge division math problem in my head after every 15 minutes, you know, to help my brain stay big - just in case."

1 comment:

  1. Hey, better safe than sorry!!

    Were the movies in Spanish? If they were, then I'm sure her brain would've gotten bigger,not smaller!!