Monday, February 17, 2014


Remember that one time that I wrote posts consistently and didn't just think, "That would make a fun blog post!" in the middle of life but never wrote about it? Right, about that...

Life in the sticks has been lived at break neck speeds when it's fun and slow as slugs on the hard days. I'm sure everyone can relate.

Today is President's Day. I'm thinking I should maybe google what "President's Day" actually is because at this point all it means is an extra day off school for the kids. Either way, they've certainly been making the most of it:

Floating around in kiddie pools in the flooded front yard? Yes, please.

 I thought for about 3 seconds that I might do all my grocery shopping and town errands today but then looked outside at the pouring rain and decided the kids would have much more fun just getting to play inside (and out!) on their day off. {Poor Fischer still has to do Costco tomorrow with Mama.}

Natalie and Carter are still playing basketball each Saturday. Their teams are amazing (as in they have won by a landslide almost and they're really fun to watch.

I've only gone for one run in the past 2 weeks this is NOT good because of the weather and I'm simultaneously dreading and looking forward to a run with Maria this week. Workout DVDs have still happened, but sometimes there's just nothing like a nice 8 mile run or a heart attack as might be the case for me this week. ;)

Jeff leaves on Wednesday for PA lucky Pennsylvania gets my husband for a week...jerks. Natalie told him last night that him being gone for three days was her max and she doesn't want him gone longer than that. This melted my heart and made Jeff so sad. Poor guy.

Fischer is, as per usual, being irresistibly adorable and picking up on things crazy fast (except potty training - womp womp). He loves sitting on the potty but I'm starting to think it's only because it gives him easy access to his man parts. He has peed in the potty twice, which is awesome, but he's peed on the floor over twice that many times so you know, there's also that.

I was just going to say that I hope everyone has a great weekend but then remembered that it's Monday today.



Anyway, have a great week...

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