Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, big guy!

Dear Carter,

I woke up this morning to find that you are suddenly six. Just like that. It seems like it was just yesterday that we saw your little (squished - kind of old man-ish) face for the first time (it stretched out in no time and you were such a cute baby) - how did this happen!? My sweet, hilarious, passionate, feisty, curious little boy is six. Did you know that it takes two hands to hold up six fingers? That's a lot - at least it is to your Momma who doesn't want her babies to grow up this fast. We put your bunk beds together last night and you said you officially felt "grown up" now that you are sleeping on the top bunk instead of just on a regular bed. I know you were referring to the top bunk of the bed, but hearing my little boy say he feels "grown up" is not good when I wish with all my might that you would just stay small and young forever. You are such a blessing to us - really, really. You keeps us on our toes and you always have something you think is funny to comment back to any given sentence (I have no idea where you would get that from) and I love how when you have something important to say you'll put your hands on my face to make sure I'm looking you in the eyes and taking what you say seriously.
You're all boy, too. You love fishing and shooting your bow at targets. You love hammering nails, shooting your sling-shot and climbing trees. You find a way to turn anything into a gun (seriously - taking careful bites of your toast until it's in the shape of a hand gun) and most of the time you've got some sort of "cowboy" apparel on (leather vest, chaps, boots, hat, or holster). You love Bonanza and John Wayne westerns. You have the best imagination and seriously - you can't beat a good imagination these days, buddy.

Happy Birthday, big guy. Thank you for being the amazing boy that God created you to be. You're pretty awesome. We love you more than words can say and are so unbelievably proud of you!

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