Saturday, July 3, 2010

I love me some pizza.

GREAT. Just great.

I can see that in the near future I'm going to have to throw a "Welcome Back!" party for the 50 pounds I have managed to lose in the last 2 years. Tonight I was introduced to the best pizza ever (and I love me some pizza) from a local market in the tiny town I live in. It honestly tastes like goodness in my mouth. I limited myself to a piece and a half, but it could have easily been a pizza and a half. I'm going to have to find a different way home so I don't drive right by it practically every day. Why, oh why does my close-to-number-one-on-my-top-ten-favorite-food-list have to be so quick to bake, so inexpensive to buy, and yet so amazingly high in calories?! WHY?!

I know that I should try to find a "reasonable alternative" that is healthier and yet still de-lish, but lets be serious people, are they ever really that good? And even if they taste alright, are they really a suitable substitute for something that tastes the same as what I imagine gold tasting like? It's like substituting ice cream with a slightly frozen 6 oz non-fat yogurt. Or substituting a Snickers candy bar with a Kashi bar. I can feel my taste buds all but laughing at me right now while I am typing this. (And Jeanna, I can hear you saying, "Oh, I love Kashi bars!" Stop it. They're not that good.)

So, here I go. Continuing on the journey of simply "making better choices." I've tried the pizza and now I'm moving on. And anyway, I heard once that "what you do most of the time counts for more than what you do occasionally." I'm going to bank on that and next time I will try my darnedest to drive on past the wonder-world pizza inside the mini-market down the street. I will be proud that I didn't even step on the brake (much) or embarrass my children by waving at the pizza (to recklessly) as I drove by. Progress? Yes. Give a girl a break, I'm doing my best.


  1. Seriously? 50 lbs? Wow! I'm currently down only 17 and that was hard enough! Good for you!

    I once bought a Papa Murphy's Delite pizza. Less crust, less calories. And, it was decent. So decent in fact, I ate the entire pizza. Which pretty much defeated the point of the Delite.

    Dare I ask which pizza place/market?

  2. First of all, I feel that I must have a disclaimer here to say that you've never seen (nor will you) a picture of me at my heaviest. Where I'm at now (still having 30-40 to lose) is after the initial 50 lbs lost, so I'm barely past the halfway mark and no where near the point that I should be looking up new places to buy stuff like... pizza.

    I do love Papa Murphy's delite pizza (and when I'm craving pizza, that's my go-to (but I struggle w/not eating the whole thing as well). This pizza is delightful - but certainly more emphasis on the "ful" than the "lite."

    I'm embarrassed to say where we got it, because it's seriously a Market. Like the kind that sells beer and Big Hunks to random people late at night, not dinner-type food. But the pizza... Oh, the pizza. I can't even remember what it's called... Maybe DS Market? It's on Territorial close to Perkins.

    Awesome job on the 17 lbs too, by the way. I haven't lost more than the 10 I've been playing with for about 8 months now in a long time. I need to get more serious. On Monday. ;)

  3.'re right. The kashi bars aren't "that" good. As crazy as it sounds (and easy for me to say because I don't have children) homemade pizzas are AWESOME! You can really cut down on the calories by limiting the amount of cheese and meat added, plus load up on delicious veggies of your choosing. You can get crazy with sauces (think pesto, alfredo, olive oil) and add a small amount of super yummy flavorful cheese like feta or blue. Anyway...definitely NOT as easy.....BUT--when that craving hits, homemade pizzas allow for amazing flavor and happiness in the mouth without the guilt of calories that normally go with. We'll do pizza and mimosas next time I'm in town (which won't be soon enough!) Love and miss you!

  4. Haha, that's funny. :) Yes, we do homemade pizza occasionally. The kids LOVE making them and they eat their whole pizza because it's got exactly what they want on em' and they feel so invested! :)