Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Dear Jeff,

Remember that one time when we were 12 and you broke up with me because I was too scared to kiss you? Yes you do. Uh, YES... YOU DO. Well, anyway, that was a long time ago. 18 years ago, to be exact. Now, exactly half of those 18 years I have had the privilege of being your wife (although, I'm pretty sure you only asked me after I assured you I'd gotten over the kissing stuff).

When I married you I had no idea (really) what kind of husband you would be (or what kind of wife I would be for that matter). We were young (only a few months past our teens!). We were in the middle of college. We were living with 6 other people. We didn't know what to expect - at all. But I didn't care. I knew that I would rather have a million unknowns with you, than have any other life without you. I remember being in premarital counseling with our pastor and him chuckling as he said, "I know you guys think you love each other now - and I don't doubt that you do - but you just wait. As time goes on you'll really come to understand what loving each other looks like." I think we're there (although I also think it's safe to say we both hope not all the way). I agree that when we got married we loved each other (duh), but really it looked very little like the way we love each other now. We have grown. We have ebbed and flowed into a fun, trusting, loving, respectful, God-centered marriage - and I am so proud of us (and thankful to Him) for that.

I am beyond thankful to have a husband who seeks the Lord. Diligently. I am thankful that you treat me lovingly, even when we are in disagreement over something. You are kind. Not just "nice," but really kind - like to your core. I appreciate that in all of the time I have known you, you have never called me a harsh name, not even once (well - at least not loud enough that I heard it) .

I honestly love being married to you. I laugh hard and I laugh often. I love that you are the spiritual leader of our family and you lead well. You are an amazing Dad to our children and I love raising our kids with you.

Over the years we have learned to laugh when we could cry, pray when we could panic, praise because we are thankful and love all the time. Thank you, babe. Thank you for growing up with me and for the promise of growing old with me. I have never, even for a second, regretted my yes.

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  1. Awwww.....Awesome!! Our Pastor is constantly saying HE has the best marriage, Judd and I don't agree. Sounds like neither would you! ( :
    Best competition EVER!!
    Hope you did something fun on your special day!