Saturday, September 4, 2010

Football Season! (I think I'm coming down with something...)

It could be an illness. In fact, I'm pretty sure it is. Today is the first day of college football season and I honestly could just sit on the couch all day and watch game after game. Jeff didn't go hunting this weekend (maybe he's the one who is sick) and I'm hoping that he doesn't expect me to do anything productive today - because I'm so not into it. Oregon plays at noon and Oregon State (who's better) plays at 4:45 (ESPN, baby!) so that takes up pretty much my whole afternoon.

Here is a list of things that won't get done today because of my love for college football:

- Laundry (although, that's pretty much most days...)

- Jack going to the bathroom in the "big boy potty." Getting him to do it is like pulling teeth already, and I don't feel like wasting football time getting frustrated trying to get him to do something that I have no doubt he will do on his own... eventually. (And by "eventually" I mean - "hopefully before kindergarten.") Maybe during half time or a pre-game show I'll have him try, but it's doubtful. In fact I stocked up on Huggies just yesterday so that him being in pull-ups wouldn't make me feel guilty. Yes, I'm that kind of crazy.

- Dishes. Doing dishes is a waste of time during football season. I might just break out the paper-ware. In fact, consider it done.

- Showering. If I don't shower before noon (as it goes most days) I will forgo the shower altogether. The family will suffer, the dog will suffer, but hey - it's a sacrifice I'm willing for them to make on game day.

- Cooking. Today, it's pizza, cold cereal, maybe - maybe - quesadillas, or if I'm feeling super sorry for my children I might pull out a frozen lasagna, but again - doubtful. Good thing they like goldfish crackers and granola bars... and even better that they can reach that shelf in the pantry by themselves.

- Lawn care. I think this can go unsaid, because it's pretty obvious, but yeah, I will not be mowing the lawn, watering flowers or cleaning up outside at all today.

Yes, we have a bunch of company coming over on Monday and yes, tomorrow's schedule is packed and we really have no other time than today to get all of this done - but seriously - if our company can't understand that my love of football comes before their comfort in our home then maybe they just don't know us that well. Maybe, they don't need to be coming over at all. Maybe, just maybe, we don't really need to be friends anymore...

(To my whole family who really is coming over on Monday: Just kidding! Well, mostly kidding.... please still come over.)


  1. Sorry about the loss.. it was a good game though!

  2. Thanks. They played proudly - there were only a couple "are you kidding me!?!" moments and it could have been MUCH worse, but you know, a loss always hurts. :)

    Ducks did well. It wasn't that fun to watch though. :( Better win by a ton and have a boring game than to have an exciting game and lose I suppose. Oh well. It's just the beginning! Yay! :)