Monday, September 6, 2010

Unofficially Fall

Today was also our last "official" get together for the summer in the backyard. After everyone left we took down the tent over the makeshift picnic table, we put the bikes in the garage (school starts tomorrow plus it's supposed to rain), and picked up all of the "outdoor toys" and our backyard is now a sad, sad sight. I folded (squashed) the camp chairs and got out the stored bags they go in for the winter. Let me tell ya, putting those bad-boys into those bags is like trying to put a baby back in right after it was born. I almost had to give my chair's bag an episiotomy it was so difficult. Good thing it's a job that only gets done once a year - yeesh!

So, the kids go back to school tomorrow, which means I consider tomorrow the first unofficial day of fall. Fall is my f.a.v.o.r.i.t.e. FAVORITE! Yes, I'm that slayed by it. Really, really. I told Jeff that I could almost see the leaves turning colors and he instantly burst my bubble by telling me to take off my sunglasses and it would be summer again. Such a downer.

Either way, tomorrow - in my mind anyway - is fall. FINALLY!

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