Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let this be a lesson to... me.

I realize that what I'm going to write about happened this last weekend, but honestly it's taken me this long to be able to laugh about it. Now you get to as well. You're welcome (in advance).

So, on Saturday Natalie and I had a "girl's day." We went out to lunch, went shopping, and we went to see Tangled in 3D. While we were shopping, I decided that Natalie could buy a candy treat to take to the movie because I'm too cheap to buy $8 popcorn. While she was pondering her endless choices in the candy isle of Target, I started to get a sugar craving. As you know (maybe you don't) I've been "off" refined sugar for the past 4 weeks, so candy is out... or is it? While I was waiting for her to make her choice seriously, she is SUCH a girl! I saw the "sugar-free" section of candy (although "sugar-free candy" seems like quite the oxymoron) and I thought, "Maybe I CAN have a little something sweet in the movie... I'm going to try it!" So, I bought these...

Perfect, right? It was so nice sitting in the theater eating these little Jelly Bellys one at at time, totally savoring each unique flavor (and even though they are sugar-free, they tasted pretty good to me because I've all but forgotten what sugar tastes like).

We finished the movie and started making our way home by way of a few thrift stores. On the drive home my stomach started cramping up a little and by the time we got home it was WAY more than a little bit. I could hardly stand up straight and I thought my stomach was going to explode it was so bloated.

Jeff could tell I was completely uncomfortable and started going over what I had eaten that day that would possibly make me so miserable. I told him exactly where and what we ate for lunch (Mucho Gusto - heavenly!) and then what I had eaten at the movies. I said that it had been hours since eating anything and this sudden pain just didn't make any sense!

I wondered if there was any way I was possibly allergic to something in the Jelly Bellys (since I've had Mucho Gusto salads a number of times before, I ruled that out and possibly because I simply refused to have something from there cause the pain as it's my FAVORITE place to eat). I grabbed the Jelly Belly wrapper from the car and Jeff and I read the ingredients...

... most of which we couldn't even pronounce (never a good sign). Then we saw it. The WARNING on the bag. What the bleep kind of candy has to have a warning on it!? (And why isn't it written bigger - ON THE FRONT of the package!?)

This is what it says, "WARNING: Consumption may cause stomach discomfort and/or laxative effect. Individual tolerance will vary. We suggest starting with 8 beans or less."

Seriously, WHAT!? 8 BEANS OR LESS!? Yeah, I ate more than 8. Come on - who eats 8 tiny Jelly Bellys and thinks, "Yes. Totally satisfied." - NO ONE except possibly my sister Jeanna, but she's kind of weird like that (love you Jeanna!). So my stomach? It totally felt it.

I didn't feel better until I woke up on Sunday morning - God bless my sweet husband who lovingly sympathized with me over the pain while laughing hysterically at the whole situation and I vowed to never eat sugar-free Jelly Bellys again. EVER.

And if you do choose to partake in those evil, gut wrenching, candy-of-doom-that-are-sure-to-cause-death, don't say I didn't warn you. Or at least don't eat more than 8 of them.


  1. Oh, Karey! I'm laughing and feeling sorry for you at the same time! I agree--who would expect a warning label on candy!!!

    But, since I've recently joined WW (again!!) I've been staying away from the sweets, too and I would've totally grabbed those and ate the whole bag!
    So, really your discomfort has saved me! You've done the world a favor by telling your story! ( :

  2. By the way, the comment I put, I just realized it put me down as "Bryan" (my loving hubby who set up our gmail account)...this is Rita (Wolfe) Wilcox...

    Sorry that you had to experience that! Horrid! Feel better!

  3. Haha, thanks "Bryan" (Rita!). :) I actually read this comment first, but if I would have read the one for the post below first and saw that it was from a "Bryan" I probably would have died laughing (cramps and hormones, etc.)! :)

    And yes, if you're going to eat Jelly Bellys, just spring for the real sugar. ;)

  4. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH....heeeheeheehee...whew. I mean sorry. It does stink (no pun intended:) that you felt so bad but the way you tell it is just too funny.