Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our Summer Bucket List

We brainstormed (doesn't that word make you think of elementary school?) and made a few family goals for the summer. Fun goals - not work goals. Here are a few of them. Seriously can't wait to start checking them off!

- Picnic lunch at the "big park" at least 3 times.

 - Random trips to the beach (at least 2 times) - even if it ends up being just me and the kids in the middle of the week. It needs to happen.

 - OTTER POPS. Enough said.

 - Portland Zoo with Uncle Zach.

 - Blueberry picking at the local farm (at least 3 times) with our sunhats on and little buckets in hand. ($1/pound u-pick - can't beat it!)

 - BBQ corn on the cob. Can't wait to try it!

 - Campfires at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

- Newport Aquarium with the family.

- The kids spending a week in central Oregon with my Birth-Mom and her family. The kids and I look forward to this every summer!

- Splash water park with all three kids (Natalie and Carter got to go for their last day of school trip and they LOVED it - we can't wait to take Jack, too!).

- Jeff and I taking a weekend away somewhere to celebrate our 10 year anniversary - how can that be right?! 10 years. Wow.

- Help Grandpa with his garden and make lots of yummy salads out of all the veggies.

- Go running OUTSIDE while the kids ride their bikes alongside.

- Carter's 7th birthday party! Yay!

- Catch a "cheap theater" movie on a really hot evening with the whole family.

- Camping in La Pine (at least 2 times).

- Strawberry picking with my Mom. Oh, the memories this brings back!

What's on your family's Summer Bucket List this year?


  1. Sounds like fun! Two things: 1. BBQ corn on the cob is SO good! #2. Where is this blueberry farm you speak of!?

  2. It's on Clear Lake right by the Alvadore store (across the road a little towards the lake). So much fun!

  3. Ok Duh. It's the one I drive by every day to work! :) I was actually JUST talking to Andy on Monday about calling them to see how much they were so I could go pick on my lunch break or something. :)

  4. Last year it was only $1/lb and I'm hoping it's the same (or not *too* much more) this year. Blueberries are my FAVORITE! Going on your lunch break is such a great idea! Where are your guys' offices located? For some reason I thought you guys were way over by Costco...

  5. We were over by costco to being with. Actually, John is there over there but we're off of Alvadore Rd...perhaps in a barn. :)

  6. I wondered if it was on his property. :) That's awesome. :)