Friday, January 20, 2012

I'll order my craziness to go, please.

Whew! This week.
Where do I even begin?

Monday was crazy - the kids were off from school for the holiday, which was fine because we had a couple inches of snow on the ground that they were really looking forward to enjoying.

So, Monday afternoon I start to get a little worried  panic because our gender ultrasound was the next morning at 8am and I was NOT going to miss someone confirming to me that my baby was a girl just because of the weather! The roads were a total mess and they were not expected to get any better any time soon...

So we did what any rational thinking mature adult would do.

We rescheduled the appointment.

As soon as Jeff got home from work, we hopped back into the car and drove to town before the wet roads re-froze and got ourselves a hotel room as close to my OBGYN office as possible (and can I just say, my husband must LOVE me to put up with my great ideas - well, actually Jackie's great ideas... Thanks, Jackie!) so as not to miss the grand announcement in the morning and so Jeff could safely get to work later in the day.

We get up, get ready, and head to the appointment. However, we had to take Jack with us, so when we get in the ultrasound room, I tell the technician (while Jeff is taking Jack potty) that we don't want Jack to know the gender (we wanted to announce it to all the kids together later in the evening), so if she could just spell it out when we get to that point it would be great.

She just gets out her magic wand, plops it on my baby belly and says, "Well, we'll just take a look right now, see! It's a BOY!"

Wait - wha????? I didn't even have a chance to get myself ready to pretend that I wasn't completely disappointed shocked in front of her. I was S.U.R.E. I was having a GIRL!

Jeff comes out of the bathroom with Jack to see that we've already started and I have a tear dripping down my face and he instantly knows that I already know.

Only he can't stop smiling.

Which makes me smile a little. And think a little bit about the boys I have. And how amazing they are and how much personality they each have (even though they are SO different) and I get to wondering if God really can give us another boy with yet another amazing personality and I start to get really excited.

Especially when she scans his profile. And I can just feel my heart wanting to burst as I look at his sweet face and say, "That's our son in there." Even though less than 7 minutes before that moment, I would have sworn up and down I was having a girl - in that moment every part of me suddenly knew that things were exactly as God meant them to be.

After recovering from that shock (and getting more and more excited for our little boy by the minute) we head home to realize that the weather has gone from snowing to raining on top of the melting snow. And then it got worse.

Like major flood zone worse.

However, we just made the most of it.

We did, after all, have a lake in our front yard. So we (again) did what any rational thinking mature adults would do...

We put swimsuits on the kids, got some crackers and juice and had a snack on the picnic table that floated into our yard. Then we let the boys swim for a while. (An hour after these were taken, the picnic table had already floated away.)

Jeff wasn't able to come home last night (he stayed with his brother) because of all the road closures and the fact that he would have had to swim through 5 foot deep water to get here, but we're (still) making the most of being flooded in.

Today we made homemade pizza, frosted sugar cookies, painted each other's faces, and Jack had a bleeding head injury. We like to keep things exciting around here (sense my sarcasm).

So as you can imagine, I'm ready for the week to be over.

I'm ready to have my husband home.

I've had enough craziness to last me a while...

(Oh, and in completely un-related but oh-so-important news: Both the Target stores in "town" are expanding and will have ***STARBUCKS*** in them by the end of March! Do you hear that? I think it's angels singing!!)

How was your week?

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  1. My week? I spent it in bed (don't get too excited) sick while my kids watched way too much t.v. and played way too much Wii. But, that's just the way it goes.

    I think you will really love having 3 boys. And, although Nat probably feels she is getting the raw end of the deal and feels outnumbered, her being your only girl, just makes her that much more special. Trust me.

    And, who is your OB? More to the point, who was the ultrasound tech? I can't believe she told you the sex without Jeff in the room? Judd wouldn't have been happy with that, but maybe Jeff is different.

    But, nonetheless, little baby boy looks perfect and totally God's plan and blessing to you guys!