Wednesday, June 5, 2013

summer is almost here (!)

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Already we're in that time of year where in order to plan something new we have to look at least 6 weeks down the line to find the time. 

I love summer (the kids have 4 days of school left, not that any of us are counting...) and can't wait for things like my kids' laundry smelling like sunscreen and campfires. Mmmmm.

I might also love Summer because right afterwards is fall and oh how I love fall.

Summer normally isn't my favorite time of year because I don't really like the heat (I hate sweating when I'm not doing it on purpose). I don't like that girls wear next to nothing, seriously - COVER UP! such skimpy clothing, I'm not a huge fan of water (although I love me some lake time!), and I don't like that even though it's summer, Jeff still has to work, but I sure do love having all my kids all the time. 


Summer fills it to the brim.

We're not making a summer bucket list lest I feel I failed, again, at the end of the summer but Jeff and I have a mental list we'd love to check off one at a time and the kids have huge lists that they'd like to check of daily as well. 

All in all, we're ready for this season to begin - only FOUR more school days! YAY! 

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