Tuesday, March 25, 2014

life randomness (as expected these days from me, amIright?)

You want to know what totally drives me crazy? Kids playing (away from me) and then telling each other they're going to "tell Mom" on the other one, then the tattle-taler running up to me and just saying, "I love you, Mom" all the while the other kid is promising them everything from their favorite pair of socks to their birth right to just. not. tell. Mom. when in reality the kid who is doing the "telling" never even planned on doing it in the first place. They just wanted to scare the other kid through some well thought out manipulation.

Drives me insane.

But anyway, how's your Spring Break going?

We had four days of glorious sunshine in a row. We got to mow the lawn (and the garden and the front field), do some gardening, wash the car, play outside, get mild sunburns and then the rains came. Now we've got bad attitudes and strep throat.

I know.

Luckily we're only one kid deep into the strep this round and hopefully it will stop there.

I'm going on a women's weekend away on Friday (through Sunday!) at the coast and I will not get sick before I get back from that. I WILL NOT. It is imperative for the well being of my whole family that I go. That I just...GO.

Despite my inability to remain sane lately, Jeff's zen-like attitude about the uncertainties of life continues to amaze me (I could learn a thing or two from my crazy-awesome husband - maybe someday I will). He never complains or whines or outwardly stresses out (lately I'm so frazzled that I flip a lid at someone leaving the toilet seat up pun intended? - needless to say, he's the calm one in the relationship).

He's solid as a rock while the question marks of life are just floating around us like balloons that we intend to pop one at a time (slowly but surely). I need that though, his solidness. His steady. His confidence. I don't have that. I mean, I do; I have peace in my heart and I know who I am, but I still get nervous and need a hand to hold when I know things are a-changin' (like knowing the inspector is at our house we're trying to sell and he's, well, inspecting it).

Taking life one day moment at a time has always been hard for me because I'm a have-it-written-out-and-planned-and-then-just-do-it sort of person and we're not in a place in our lives where we can live like that, so I'm learning. I'm stretching and trusting and whatdoyouknow, I'm still alive. And so are my kids (if, that is, they stop the fake tattling escapades).

Spring break is half over. It's raining outside. There are an insane amount of question marks on the road ahead of us, but we're together. We're balancing each other out. We're pressing on.

We're making it.

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  1. Oh, man. I feel the same way. We have so many balls in the air right now and it's just so comforting to know I don't have to try and catch them all by myself.