Tuesday, April 1, 2014

my time

I went away for 3 days.

It was so so (sooooooooo times a million squared to the bazillionth power) good.

I called home the first night and my husband was pulling Fischer out of the bathtub, the older kids had already showered and brushed their teeth and they were all looking forward to snuggling up on our bed and watching Seven Brides For Seven Brothers together.

My husband had it all under control. He's such an amazing Dad and our kids just adore him. They looked forward to the weekend with him and it did not disappoint.

Knowing the home front was on the down low, I was able to relax and enjoy the time with some of my closest friends. There were 8 of us there (plus one baby - not mine) and it was just...easy. We had a delicious meal on Friday night at an ocean front restaurant and then on Saturday we had coffee (oh the coffee - YUM!) while we second-hand-store shopped to our heart's content. Maria and I ran on both Saturday and Sunday mornings on the beach (a first for me!) and it was amazing.  We stayed up late (I guess technically it would be "early" since it was that late both nights) playing cards, talking, laughing (oh the laughing!) and just being...us.

Sunday we slept in and made breakfast in the beach house and then packed up and headed home mid-afternoon. The time away was refreshing. I got out a lot of words. I'm a word person (I have found that this is a nice way of saying "I always have something to say") and just being able to be me the whole weekend (and not a wife, not a mother, not a daughter - just Karey) was appreciated in a way I've never really appreciated it before.

I came home to a clean house, clean kids, a hot-as-all-get-out husband and just drank in the memories as I shared the weekend happenings with Jeff all the while enjoying the faces of the sweet mini-people I missed while I was gone.

Life is back to "normal" around here but I feel a bit lighter (not physically, believe me) because of the blessing of the time. It was good. Really really.

{Oh, and side note to keep it real: I found out (later) that when I called Jeff and things were calm cool and collected while he was bathing our kids and settling in for the night on Friday he didn't mention that they were all getting baths because one of them didn't flush the toilet after going youknowwhatnumber and the baby was using the toilet as an experiment bowl and his arm/hand as a stirring stick and literally got crap everywhere. So, there's also that. But my husband is still the total bomb because he didn't make one mention of it while I was gone - he just wanted me to enjoy my time and he took care of it all. Bless that man.}


  1. I'm copying you this coming weekend--going to a beach house for two nights with girlfriends. I'm not taking my kids but there will be 2 littles there but...they aren't mine so I really don't care!! HA!! But, needless to say, I'm VERY VERY (times a million squared to the billion) much looking forward to it!!

    The last part of this post made me laugh, gag a little and have a great deal of respect for your husband! ( :

  2. This. Sounds. Wonderful.
    Except that last part...I'll pass on that...mmm,k?

  3. Haha THANKS for keeping it real! That's hilarious and not just little gross. Glad you had a fun time with your friends! :)