Monday, April 14, 2014


My parents offered to have the kids for three days this past weekend so Jeff and I (obviously!) said, "YES!" and took off.

The first night, after finishing the closing for the sale of our house we've had rented the past 2 1/2 years (the house sold after being on the market for SEVEN DAYS - God is big, you guys!), we went out for sushi and then headed for the coast. Aaahhh, sweet relaxation! The next morning we slept in, sipped on coffee and then went in search of garage sales, because obviously.

We eventually made our way to town where we met up with our friends for dinner and a movie (Beppe and Gianni's - YUM!!!) and headed back to our house (my parents had taken the kids to the coast for the night so we still had the place to ourselves). It was such a relaxing and fun weekend.

Then the kids got back.

Carter had, apparently, been throwing up all weekend and had a sore throat so as soon as they pulled in the driveway I had him shower and change his clothes and I took him to urgent care where they confirmed that he had strep throat.

Then this morning, Natalie woke up with the same symptoms so I took her in and STREP. AGAIN.

Natalie had it 6 weeks ago, then Jack had it, then Carter...and now Natalie again (Lord help us!).

So, all that to say: Jeff and I had a fabulous weekend followed by a huge dose of reality. I'm glad I had all that time to connect with my husband and just enjoy being in the company of each other before getting sucked dry by illness imbedded in my children.

Oh, and also...

Tonight Carter and Jack were fighting.

It went like this:

Carter: "I'm way older than you."

Jack: "So what. I'll probably live a lot longer."

Carter: "I doubt it. You'll probably get in a car accident."

Not even kidding. 

I need them to feel better for their own good (and mine!)!

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  1. Yay for time away with Jeff!!
    Yay on your house selling!!
    Boo on the sickness! That seems very unfair.
    And, I snickered at the bickering between the boys. I tell ya, our kids should get together. Or, not. Do we want similar minds to get together and plot?