Thursday, September 18, 2014

daddy huntin'?

Jeff's gone hunting all week so it's just the kids and I. This means a few things.

1) Nothing can break. {If something does break - it stays broken until he gets back unless I get fed up and throw it away and buy a new one. I'm completely useless when it comes to "fixing" things like that.}

2) We're eating a lot of "easy" food {the kids may or may not refer to this as "Dad's-gone-food". Grilled cheese. Granola. Pancakes. The kind of food that on normal days wouldn't be classified (or qualify in my brain) as "dinner" choices, but we're making this week fun. :)

3) I have someone different in my bed every night (no, not that kind!). It's been Fischer for the past 2 nights, but towards the end of the week I have a feeling the other kids are going to start asking to take turns sleeping in my bed too. {I'm not going to lie, I love it.}

4) We watch more movies. Snuggling on the couch and sitting so close that we're all touching just seems to be more of a necessity when Jeff's gone. It's like we all subconsciously bond together and like little groupies we watch Curious George and Finding Nemo like we haven't seen them a bazillion times already. {Whatever it takes to keep Fischer from asking again, "Why Dada huntin'? Daddy home?"}

I never love it when Jeff's gone. We're a team and when he's out of town I feel like I'm pulling the weight for both of us, but the kids and I always have a good time you know...most of the time. I do love that I know he's in his element. He's out in the wilderness, sleeping in a tent with his best friends, hiking mountains and (hopefully!) shooting an elk! :)

That being said... T minus 5 days until he's home!


  1. We also eat way different when dad is gone! I usually do pretty well, flying solo (I've had lots of practice with Judd's unpredictable work schedule and all) until bed time. We are meant to sleep together that's for sure!

    1. Yes, I've definitely had my fair share of practice too! The part that is always harder than I expect is the no-contact part. He camping and (obviously) doesn't have cell service so I haven't talked to him since Tuesday morning. I hate that part. And the part where we all get sick all week, that sucks too. lol

      But we're doing fine. My sister spent the night last night (and my parents came over for dinner) so the kids have been loving it. It helps that the weather is still nice and playing outside can still happen. :)