Wednesday, September 3, 2014

teeny tiny town

I got a call today while I was at work (at the teeny tiny post office in our teeny tiny town). The call was from the manager of all the buses/bus drivers up at the teeny tiny charter school that our kids go to. This is literally what he said:

"Karey! I'm in desperate need for more bus drivers this afternoon. I know you're at the post office right now and that your Dad is babysitting Fischer but I was wondering what you'd think about me sending Amy Rose {his recently-graduated-from-high-school daughter} over to your parents' house to babysit Fischer until you get done with work so that your current babysitter can come and drive bus?"

I love small town living. :)

{And everything worked out because my Mom got home from town in time to watch Fischer so my Dad could drive bus but still - it just cracks me up how our town pulls together to make stuff work.}

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