Wednesday, October 29, 2014

christ centered craziness

This week is a busy one and there's no end in sight but I'm amazed at how much being centered in my identity makes me feel ready to tackle it all. 

I know who I am.

I do not find my identity in my circumstances. It's not found in how I feel about my body. Not in my accomplishments (or lack thereof). It's not found in how well behaved (or not) my children may or may not be acting. It's not in how clean (or dirty) my house is. Not in the car I drive. Not in how much money we make (or don't make). It's not in what we do (good or bad).

I am a daughter of the most high King. I have been made a new creation.

My identity is found in those things alone and nothing in or of this world can change that. Yes, circumstances certainly suck sometimes. Hard things still happen. Life presents tough situations but knowing who and what I am deep down is, in the end, what it's all about.

I'm living my life in dependance on God. I can trust Him. I can make decisions based on faith and not on fear because I know He's got my back. He never changes.

Like I said, this week is crazy. I very well may not get any sleep at all that might be a little exaggeration but I'm resting in Him - and I can - because I know that all this stuff going on around me doesn't change anything about who I am because He already has.


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  1. That's a good word my friend. Thank you for the reminder!!