Tuesday, October 14, 2014


God made October just for me. I know it.

For some reason it feels like I can see more clearly, think more clearly, in October. Everything is crisp, clear, a little brighter. The colors are vivid, the temperatures are in my opinion perfection, our runs are just a bit longer, our breath is out there - seen.

Today it rained. We ran. We got soaked and cold and hot all at the same time. After showers, we drank coffee and went to our fellowship group. My body was tired and my heart was full. My feet hurt but my soul was resting.

I notice the little stuff more in this season. I notice Fischer laying on the floor concentrating on something so little but so big to him. I note the excitement in Carter's face over making a mud hut for a history project. Natalie's grin at the anticipation of her first middle school dance which I don't want to talk about.... Jack's sweet words that can't quite get out fast enough when he's thrilled about meeting a goal. My husband's eagerness to take us in the mountains on drives where we have the both the best views of the valley and the best conversations.

Oh sweet Lord, thank you for loving me so much that you made me October.