Monday, November 22, 2010

"Not Me" Monday

When Jeff was cleaning out the garage this weekend it wasn't me who took a peek out there, mentally taking stock of all of his stuff and wondering how much it would sell for on Ebay (and obviously not wondering that about any of my stuff...). Not me!

I didn't hide any of the presents that Jackson got for his birthday while he was sleeping last night because they drove me crazy (making noises and lighting up). I wouldn't do that... And it definitely wasn't one of the presents that I bought him  - because buying that kind would be a total rookie mistake.

When my sweet husband was making the bed this morning (I know, right!? He's pretty amazing.) I wasn't secretly upset about it because I absolutely wasn't planning on getting back in it after the kids were on the bus and he was off to work.

I promise that when I saw the gift cards to Toys R Us that Natalie and Jack got for their birthdays just sitting on the counter this morning, the thought of using them to buy their Christmas gifts never even crossed my mind.

Jack most definitely did not have a cupcake today before he even got dressed and I am certainly not eating one right now (7:49 am)... Nope, not me!

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