Monday, November 29, 2010

"Not Me" Monday

I did not tell my three year old that it's "against the law" to put milk in a water bottle simply because it completely grosses me out, because that would be mean.

I also didn't stay home on Black Friday and not spend a dime in attempt to rebel against the freakish amount of consumerism that goes on that day... and I  did not end up completely throwing that whole notion out the window the very next day by going out and hitting some of the not so great left-over sales...

After my "rebellion," I was not at all disappointed that I didn't get a Kitchen Aid mixer for $99 on Black Friday, because that would  be silly - especially since it would feel completely out of place in my "beginner's" kitchen.

I'm also not admitting that even though I want the Beavs to put up a good fight, I secretly do hope the Ducks win the civil war game this weekend (in college football - in case you're not a complete football freak like I am and don't know what I'm talking about) because I do think (even though it literally hurts to write this!) it would be good to see the Ducks go to the national championship game (no, it would be good to have the Beaver's beat them right when they THINK they have a chance. No, Ducks should win. No. - Oh, this is so hard!).

I totally can't believe I wrote that last one. Please disregard it. Wait, I didn't say it. Because I wouldn't! Not me!

And last, but not least, I am definitely not going to watch the DVD's I bought (to watch while I run on the treadmill) while I sit on the couch and do laundry today. Nope, I wouldn't do that.


  1. Haha you crack me up. I love you friend

  2. Haha I knew you'd see the light eventually. Go Ducks! :) Love you!

  3. I don't want them to win because I *like* them, I just want them to represent the state in the national championship (because clearly the Beavs are not representing well!)... ;)

    Love you, too! :)