Monday, December 13, 2010

"I Might Have" Monday

I might have put the kids to bed last night, sat down and watched a sad DVR'd Oprah show about a family tragedy, cried my eyes out, and then scooped up all three kids and brought them into bed with me.

I might have regretted it at 3am.

I might have regretted it even more at 5:30am when Natalie said, "Uh, what's wet?" and Jack says, "Sowwy, Mommy..."

I might not tell my husband I did all of that and it might be because Jack was sleeping on his side of the bed...


  1. You crack me up! The kids "sometimes" eat snacks in our bed, while watching a movie (hence the name of my blog!) and I always make sure they leave all the crumbs on Judd's side. Then, when he gets into bed at night, I, of course, play dumb. (it's not THAT hard.)

    I stole your idea on my page this morning, hope you don't mind!

  2. Good!! I don't mind at all! I *might have* borrowed the idea from someone else a while ago too, who knows... ;)