Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wordess Wednesday (it is Wednesday still, right?)

Okay, I will admit it - I should never have a post titled "Wordless" anything because let's face it, I am not wordless. Ever. But it's catchy and I like it, so it stays even though it will never make sense... mmmkay?

These were taken today when I took the kids to my Grandma's house to learn how to make these little Danish bite sized cookies called... I have no idea what they are actually called. Grandma calls them "pepper-neuter." Grandpa used to call them, "pepper-neur," and all of us grandkids have always just call them "pet manure." Anyway, they are yummy. And a tradition. And I wanted so badly to learn how to make them!

Here are some precious pictures from our afternoon. I don't know who's sweeter - my amazing Grandma (whom I love and respect and hope with all my heart I grow up to be like someday) or my awesome kids who listened carefully, cut with real (sharp!) knives (carefully and under supervision!), and were so respectful the whole afternoon.

 Doesn't that picture (above) just melt your heart? Well maybe not, since it's not your Grandma or your kids - but can you see how it would melt mine!? Yeah, it's melted.

And if you've gotten this far, you have totally earned the privilege of knowing that Jack has gone potty in the potty for 3 days with no - I repeat, NO - accidents! He just decided on Sunday night that he was ready. And just like that, he was! Big boy underwear and all! My ugly cry did make an appearance the first time he did #2 in a toilet, I'm not gonna lie. This is the best Christmas EVER!


  1. First of all...I am dying of the heart melty goodness right now. I SO wish my grandmothers were still around to help pass the traditions along. I love the way Carter and your grandma are looking at each other in that one photo.

    Second...Hi-hip-hooray!!! Jack is going all big-boy style now! So awesome!

    Merry Christmas you guys!

  2. Thanks, Katherine! It was a great afternoon and I'm cherishing every moment with her, for sure!

    And, I KNOW, RIGHT!? I almost fall over every time he says, "Okay Mommy" when I suggest we go potty. It's a true Christmas miracle! ;)

    Merry Christmas to you guys, too! Hope you have an amazing time celebrating Jesus' birth!