Wednesday, May 25, 2011

He thinks he's SO funny.

So, Jeff and I have a weight loss challenge going on between the two of us. If I reach my goal before he reaches his then I'm going to get my nose pierced again (it's been a while, but I have had it done before - twice, actually). If he wins then he gets to buy a new pair of Danner boots that he's been eyeing.

I can't believe that he agreed to this (he's never been fond of the whole nose ring idea), but he did. We shook on it (agreeing not to purposefully sabotage each other), and off to the races we went! Like I mentioned in my last post, I've been trying to make lifestyle changes (yada, yada, yada) and add regular exercise into my routine to help boost my weight loss (and obviously, "boost" means "begin").

The other night I decided after eating 3 pieces of Papa Murphy's pizza that I should finish my day with a run, so I went in my bedroom to change and then headed out to the garage to hop on the treadmill.

This is what I found: 

While I was changing into my workout clothes, my husband (oh-so-lovingly, I'm sure) went out and placed a freaking CUPCAKE on my treadmill.

So much for the no-sabotaging, eh'? Anyway, I'll keep you updated (via Fit Friday posts) as to how it's all going. It could be a long road (it will be), but I'm in it to win it (and be healthier and stuff, too, I guess obviously).

{Despite what the photo might suggest, I feel the need to report (for the record) that there was no cupcake eating in the making of this workout session.}

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  1. Oh girl, it's times like this I really wish I still worked with Jeff because I would SO help you get him back for that! :)