Monday, May 16, 2011

I *Might Have* Monday {Semi-Extended Version}

I might have slept in past 9am both mornings this weekend. It's been years since I've slept in so late (two days in a row) - so if, in fact, it actually did happen - it might have felt a little like heaven.

Today, I'm paying for all the sleep, though. My house looks like a family of five was here all weekend hanging out, relaxing, cooking, not cleaning, and generally having a good time making a disaster of their home great memories all the while forgetting not caring that there will be a time when it all has to be cleaned up again. Wait. Yes. That's exactly what happened.

Knowing that today was inevitably cleaning day, I made a to-do list (as I do every morning because I'm weird like that). I squeezed "make a to-do list" on the top (right above blaze-a-trail-through-dirty-laundry-to-the-washing-machine) so that I could cross at least one thing off before I (technically) got off track doing something that wasn't on the list (coughbloggingcough).

So, all in all, I might have had a great weekend. I got good sleep, I had fun with my family, and we made memories (which is way better than keeping the house clean). Now I have to go make a check-mark next to "detox the house from this weekend disaster."

Alrighty, I'll catch y'all later... like say, when I get bored of cleaning.

 ::Spoiler Alert:: I'malreadythere.

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