Sunday, June 3, 2012

Suddenly there were six.

Yeah, I suck.

It's been 12 days since our amazingly awesome son was born and I haven't posted a single sentence about it here.

So sorry!

We ended up having a c-section early (at 37 weeks) and everything went so much better than I ever could have expected, which was such a wonderful surprise. The surgery, the recovery, everything. (And Jackie, the amnio wasn't near as bad as I was expecting... although Jeff did say he was fully expecting me to pass out from being so freaked out.)

So anyway, at 7:55am on Tuesday, May 22nd, our son, Fischer Michael Eastburn was born - and he is just perfect (if I do say so myself). 8 pounds 5 oz, 20 inches long. Perfection.

[I promise to add more pictures as soon as I can figure out why (on earth!?!) my camera won't let me upload pics onto my computer. So frustrating!]

Like I said before, the recovery has been a breeze. This was my fifth abdominal surgery (none of which have been a tummy tuck - unfortunately) so I was fully expecting to have an extended and super slow recovery, but I've really been blessed this time around and it's been so, well, easy!

Fischer is doing great. He's just perfect. We're getting our days and nights (finally) figured out and he's now sleeping though the night (besides waking up every 3-4 hours to eat).

The older kids are loving him. There's been a bit of finding-my-place-in-the-line-up from the older boys a little, but nothing horrible. Natalie absolutely LOVES the baby and would do anything and everything to raise him herself if she were allowed - it's been wonderful to have so much help and love all around.

Oh, and I had forgotten how Jeff is a TOTAL baby hog. If he's home, no one else is holding the baby. I'm glad I'm nursing or I'd never get to hold my child on the weekends...

You guys? I am now the mother to FOUR kids. F.O.U.R. (!!!!) That is just crazy.


  1. So excited to see your post today! I've been anxiously awaiting an update!
    Glad the amnio wasn't too horrible. Although, I'm extremely thankful I will never need one! ( ;
    Also, very glad the surgery, recovery and new role as a mother of four is going so smoothly!!

    Looking forward to more updates!!

  2. Your not only only a mother to four (amazing) kids which might seem crazy, but you are a wonderful mother! :)