Saturday, May 19, 2012

Free Advice:

If you're full term (prego) and need to color your hair, just go pay someone to do it (no matter the cost).

Don't try to do it when you're home alone with all your kids and you realize (right when it's time to rinse the color out) that you can't reach the sink faucet because of your HUGE baby belly... It might end up being a complete disaster.

Oh, and I very well could have broke my water trying to squeeze myself close enough to rinse my hair - but I wouldn't have known it because water was already literally EVERYWHERE.


  1. Hahahaha you should have tried it in the kitchen with the nozzle.

    1. I WAS in the kitchen - we just don't have a nozzle (sometimes I swear it's like camping - LOL!)! ;)