Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Might Have Monday (on Tuesday)

I might have stashed all the Christmas presents I've bought in the back of the closet (starting in September) and the closet might  be full. I should probably start taking inventory wrapping!

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I might have reheated a stack of pancakes that were sitting on the counter from breakfast for Jack's lunch today. Don't judge me they hadn't been eaten on or anything. It's been a long morning month.

I might have cried a little on the inside when I found out that the Bunco party I was going to go to this Friday night was cancelled. I was so looking forward to a night out - I might not tell my family about the cancellation and still pretend to go.

We started Fischer (almost 7 months old) on a little bit of solid food this weekend. After his first solid-food-poo I might have realized that cloth diapering has just gotten REAL. (And I might feel like I should get a medal after every rinse-out.)

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What things might you guys be up to lately?

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