Wednesday, April 10, 2013

my moments of joy

Joy is:

- Coming down the stairs to find your husband sitting criss-cross-applesauce at the end of the hall shouting out things like, "Slither like a snake!" then seeing that the hall floor is covered with bubble wrap and realizing that the point of the "game" is for the kids to come down the hall like the animal he shouts without popping any of the bubble wrap.

- Mowing the lawn with the baby strapped in the ergo on my back and hearing him just laugh and laugh in my ear as we go around and around the yard.

- Having your son come back in from playing outside for an hour and say, "I'm sorry I smell like dirt. I was in the garden killing slugs and pulling weeds."

- Banana bread. (Can I get an 'amen!'?)

- Having to hose the cows down because they won't stop trying to lick the soap off the rig you're trying to wash. {True story.}

- Your daughter (who is becoming a little lady right before your eyes) still requesting for you to braid her hair on occasion.

- Your 10 month old doing sign language.

- Finding your 5 year old asleep. In the back of the closet. Tucked in a plastic storage bin.

J.O.Y. (!!!)


  1. Those moments stacked on top of each other just filled me with smiles!