Friday, April 26, 2013

Fit Friday (Update)

Whew, it's been a while since I've done a Fit Friday post even though there's a Friday in every week. Things have been plugging along in the weight loss/fitness section of my life - a bit slowly these days, but moving nonetheless.

I gained about 40 pounds when I was prego (and dare I admit that this was the least amount I've ever gained whilst with child? I know. Total porker.). When Fischer was 6 weeks old I stepped on the scale and found that I actually weighed the exact same as I did on my last day of pregnancy I might have died a little inside when I saw the scale that day. So instead of wallowing in self pity (okay, there was probably still some of that) I got to work. I changed my diet, started logging my food in a journal, drinking water, and began working out like it was the only way to heaven {thanks for that Holly, it's will forever be my favorite}.

Fischer is now 11 months old and I am proud to say that I am down over 60 pounds. I haven't seen the 130s since early high school, but I've been comfortably in them now for about 6 weeks. I feel like I look like I weigh more than that (does that make sense?) so it's hard to throw numbers out there, but I am proud of my accomplishment so I'm doing it anyway. :)

Better than the number on the scale is the way I feel. I can run now. I actually enjoy running (most days). I feel strong and I know that the muscle I have worked hard to put on my body makes me the healthiest I have ever been in my life and that feels great!

Recently Jeff has been doing research on eating "Paleo" style and even though I don't agree with the idea behind how they came up with "Paleo," which is essentially eating only the types of food that some believe "cavemen" ate (I believe that God created the earth in 7 24-hour-days and not over millions of years, so I don't actually believe there ever were "cavemen") - but anyway, it's an amazingly healthy way to eat and I told him if he wanted to try it, I would support him and do it, too. 

We've been eating that way (strictly veggies, fruit, nuts {almonds}, and lean protein) for over two weeks and ohmygoodness we both feels worlds better - I mean, I didn't even know I wasn't feeling my best until now. Our energy levels are way higher, Jeff has lost I-don't-know-how-much weight (he won't step on the scale, but I can see the changes already), we're sleeping better, and cravings for crap are almost zilch now (nothing a shot of almond butter and an apple slice can't cure)

Anyway, we're loving it! It takes more planning, time, and money (fresh/whole food is expensive, especially when it's all you're eating!) but it's so worth it.

Okay - off the soap box... Pretty much that's where I'm at with all of that. I'll try to keep you updated on how it's all going more often than every few months. Remind me if I forget! :)

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. You are so awesome and you constantly amaze and inspire me! Congrats on your hard work!