Friday, October 25, 2013

game on

Do you guys see the cloud of steam coming from the top of our house? I'd be surprised if you couldn't (no matter where you may be right now) because I am so hopping mad I'm fuming all over the place.

After my run I was hungry and wanted to grab something healthy and quick and remembered that I had bought a 3 pound bag of almonds at Costco a few days ago so I went to the cupboard to grab a handful. When I went to grab the bag I noticed that it was empty. At first I thought that Jeff must have transferred all of them into a different bag (or taken them and left the bag) but then I saw the chewed through bottom of the bag and I knew.


Those little suckers ate through the plastic bag and took/ate the entire 3 pound bag of almonds!


Tonight they die. They all die.

Oh I'm so mad!!!

{And also still hungry!}



  1. That would make me SO ANGRY! Not just because they ate a delicious snack, but because they invaded personal space! Not a mice fan for sure!