Thursday, October 17, 2013

{totally random} Thursday Thoughts

--- I'm tired. Monday my friend Maria and I ran 7 miles and then we ran another 7 yesterday on a different route (both pretty hilly and I pushed Fischer in the jogger both times) - that kind of tired...the GOOD KIND.

--- We had an awesome weekend last week and we're looking forward to another coming up. Last weekend we took the kids to Portland to OMSI (a huge {amazing} science museum) on Saturday and then Sunday we got to fellowship with a ton of friends at one of their houses (with a gazillion kids and adults and and and). We had an amazing worship/service time in their living room followed by a soup/bread/dessert potluck in the backyard followed by a bunch of hours of pressing apples and pears into cider. It was such a great time with friends. We are so blessed to have so many friends that we love like family. Oh, and this weekend we have the homecoming football game on Friday night, we're pressing apples for cider at home with our kids on Saturday and Sunday we have no plans (which is AWESOME). :)

--- I volunteered in Jack's classroom this morning. Kindergarteners are hilarious. They wanted to know how old I was so I had them guess (I know - brave). They guessed anywhere from 17 to 64. {I'm 32.} Jack thought this was hysterical.

--- Because apparently we're a little crazy Jeff and I have agreed to lead "game time" at AWANA at our church on Thursday nights. It is fun {and makes me love my husband even more - he's so amazing with all kids - not just our own} and exhausting, but we're loving getting that time with our kids too {who absolutely LOVE having us there which is so fun!}.

--- As I'm diving into Hebrews and Galations and Romans in Bible study with a few of my closest girlfriends every Wednesday afternoon I'm realizing how much I appreciate having close girlfriends. Friends who see my heart. Who know me and know me well. As we grow closer in our friendships I'm appreciating it more and more - God has blessed me BIG with the friends I have. B I G.

--- The leaves are changing color and our driveway is completely covered in yellow and orange. This is my favorite. I could walk it all day long if there wasn't laundry to be done and food to be made. . . minor details in life. :)

Hope you guys are having a thoughtful Thursday!

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