Thursday, December 12, 2013

staying sane

This is the eighth day the kids and I have been stuck at home (because of the snow/ice/school canceled). The farthest we've ventured is out to the barn. At this point I'm not completely sure I remember how to put on make-up and I sure as heck hope my jeans still fit (at least I know I'm getting my money's worth out of all my yoga pants).
Today is supposed to be the last of it (followed by our normal three day weekend) so any Christmas shopping I need to get done in the next few days (and there's a lot of it to get done, I'm not going to lie) will be done with four kids in tow. I promise I'm not trying to have a bad attitude, the sarcasm just seems to flow more freely when I haven't had actual conversations with people (i.e. my Bible Study girls, Target employees, or the barisistas at Starbucks) in over a week.
The beginning was an adventure - even, dare I say, fun - but then my treadmill bit the dust (may it rest in peace) and I about lost it (Jeff would argue that I did in fact lose it). You see, I really LOVE hanging out with my kids - they're all kinds of fun (for reals!) - but when they're fighting and have insane amounts of pent up energy and I can't fulfill all their needs rightthisminute I feel pressure and when I can't run all that off for an hour with Rob Thomas then we've got problems. 
We have water again now (praise God!) which is imperative to my sanity (coffee takes water) so at least there's that. Actually, there's a lot to be thankful for and I realize that in not being thankful I'm actually sort of acting like a spoiled brat (except not "sort of" - I am totally acting like a spoiled brat) so enough of that for now.
I'm thankful that each day my husband has had to drive in this nasty weather on the horrible roads to work he's come home safe. I'm thankful that my kids are fun - I know that's silly but seriously, they're great kids and they've had amazing attitudes this week. I'm thankful for pizza and paper plates. I'm thankful for the wood stove and electric blankets. I'm thankful for our Advent Calendar (Jesse Tree) and the amazing conversations that have developed from questions our kids have been asking.
I'm thankful for my God who loves me all the time and has blessed me in so many little (and BIG!) ways this week. I've totally felt like he's been kissing me on the forehead dozens of times just because he loves me, just because that's what he does. 
Stay warm, friends. {And stay sane. If you can.}

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  1. I feel ya sista! Yes, two of my four are home all the time and yes, eventually, all of them will be homeschooled. But now? The two little ones go to school and they haven't all week and it's put a serious dent in my sanity level. Which wasn't looking good to start with.
    The fighting is non-stop and they are eating constantly!!
    Granted, I've been getting up and driving to work and am getting out of the house but getting up at 430am makes me pretty darn tired by 5pm and being faced with kids that are bouncing off the furniture (literally!!) hasn't been easy.
    But, like you, I am trying to find just a few of the many thing that I have to be thankful for.

    This too shall pass.

    Right??? The sun will come out tomorrow??

    Sorry about your treadmill! ) :