Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Wrap Up (see what I did there?)

My brother, Zach, flew in from Denver. 

My sister, Krista, was home for the holiday (she lives in Eugene).

We all spent the weekend (with my parents) at the coast and went to Shore Acres in Charleston to see the amazing lights there.

I'm not going into detail (sorry...or you're welcome - whichever) but I'll photo dump for you. 

My Dad and Fischer.

My younger brother, Zach, with Natalie, Jack, and Carter.

 Christmas Eve was spent at home (my parent's house). We shot guns in the morning (at targets, not at random - just to be clear) and then made homemade Chinese food for dinner.

Fischer and I ready to watch the gun shooting escapade. Clearly, Fischer is stoked about his pink backpack and pink ear protection...

Jack helping his Daddy by holding the bullets. :)

Jack getting ready to shoot the 22. (I headed back to help start dinner before the older two kids shot or I'd have pics of them as well. Bummer.)

Jeff making sure the scope is working.

Dad reading the real, organic, good stuff Christmas Story. :)

Christmas Day was spent at Jeff's parents house with all of his siblings and their kids. 

The few days after that were spent with his family. I went on a couple of runs with his sister, Jeanna, and most of us went to the Umpqua river and to Shore Acres (the second time for us) to see the lights because they are so awesome.

These two. They are way too cute together!! (Fischer and his cousin Xyla, who is just 6 weeks younger than him. So fun!)

There really are no words to describe the JOY this kid has.

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and an amazing 2013! Here's to fresh starts, new hopes, and dreams coming to fruition in 2014 as we praise the Lord for all of His abundant blessing!


  1. Great pics!!
    But,I have to ask, is Zach wearing a sportcoat/blazer? On the beach? He looks good and makes the beach look good. Just curious! ( :

    1. Haha! Yes, he is. Hipster all the way. ;) {He's a businessman from Denver now, you know...}

    2. And skinny jeans, too. Can't see them in the picture, but I assure you - they're there. :)