Monday, December 2, 2013

thirty three

My Mom always did my birthdays up big when I was little (which I loved!). I remember themed birthday parties with my friends and gorgeous handmade cakes - she did good, you guys - but I feel like I've sort of (totally) phased out of wanting much to-do on my day.

So yesterday when my kids asked me how I'm going to sleep at night knowing tomorrow (today) is my birthday, I pretty much said, "Like usual." ;)

It's not completely going by the wayside though. My parents are making me dinner and a cake (Jeff had to work and has his last basketball game tonight so he actually won't be here) and then tomorrow  they offered to watch Fischer all day (and then all the kids when they get home from school) and Jeff's taking work off and we're going to spend the day and evening together going Christmas shopping, out to dinner and to a movie (that's how I like to spend my birthdays!).

This morning my good friend called (Maria, the one I run with) to say Happy Birthday and when she found out that Jeff and I are doing our thing tomorrow instead of today she asked if I'd want to run. . . so I also got a 9 mile run in this morning, which totally made my whole day as well. :)

Birthdays definitely look a little different at 33 than they did at 13, but I still feel spoiled, special and completely loved, which is all I could ever want anyway. Blessed - so very blessed!

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