Friday, June 20, 2014

mama's losing it

Why is it that on the days I have the most to do, my kids act like little crazy people who are getting paid real monies to nit-pick and fight and make the day general misery for me? I know they aren't actually doing any of it to me and this is all just a byproduct of them not getting enough sleep, us packing too much into this past week, them being excited about the next few days weeks and such but seriously I'd really consider giving them away right now. You want em'?

I have to pack for six people for three weeks. Today. Mama ain't got no time fo yo nonsense!

Giving them jobs has helped, but they don't do it like I would then I find myself supervising instead of doing what I need to do.

They did clean and vacuum out the Yukon this morning (thanks hubs for teaching them how to use a shop-vac!), so at least that's off my list (and they actually do an amazing job at cleaning out the car - they do it better than I do the three times I've ever actually done it).

Right when I was completely at my wit's end (like freak out loud enough for the neighbors to hear and at the same time silently screaming cuss words) I got the mail and their report cards came.

They all did awesome. Like AWESOME, awesome. Their grades were great, their behavior was great, and their teachers all left the sweetest notes about them.


I guess I'll keep them for now. 


  1. I actually drove by your house today. I thought I heard something odd! (Just KIDDING!)

    Do you want MINE?

  2. Perfect ending to that story. :)