Friday, December 26, 2014

it brings Him joy

We are overwhelmed (and that is the understatement of the century). I'm not talking about overwhelmed with the business of the holiday season, Jeff's job, the kids' schedules, or any of that (that's just life stuff)...I'm talking about being overwhelmed with the generosity and love that others so selflessly have shown our family.

We have so many people loving us that my heart feels like it's going to swell so much that I won't even be able to squeeze any words out of it. We have been given to, loved on, prayed for, and encouraged more than I even know and there just aren't any words big enough to say 'thank you' properly. There is nothing (nothing!) that we can do to repay the generosity that has been given us and that's what makes the giving so selfless and pure - it's what makes it love from Jesus shared directly through His people.

As Jeff  and I were praying together this morning, tears ran down my face because I was so overwhelmed with the pure love that has been shown our family. I was continuing to thank the Lord later in the morning while I was driving home from taking Carter to basketball practice, and I found myself completely overwhelmed, and then more stuff happened later in the day and I just couldn't even handle it emotionally. God is so good. He is faithful and BIG and trustworthy and just waiting to bless His children - He delights in us and it brings Him joy to bless us - do you know that?! That's HUGE!

Anyway, I'm so flustered that I'm sure this post doesn't even make much sense, and that's okay, I just wanted to sing the praises of our God. I wanted to express my gratitude to Him and to the people he's so obviously working through. We are blessed (yet again - and always) beyond measure.

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  1. I COMPLETELY understand what you are saying. So awesome, I'm thankful you have such amazing support!