Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Now that it's finally the "tomorrow" I talked about yesterday last week, I'll grab some photos we've taken lately and catch you up. It's December and life is busy! We have a middle schooler who is on the student council, the basketball team, and is working her tail off in school - her schedule alone makes me exhausted. Add in three younger brothers, two part time jobs (of mine), an insanely stressful more-than-full-time job of the hubs' (it's not always this stressful but right now? WHOA.), an international adoption and the holidays - you get us - we're on the brink, people. But still - we're sailing trudging through this one day at a time (while holding hands and praying we don't slip off the edge).

God is good though. So so good. He is faithful and present and we're constantly amazed at the ways He's showing up. Every time. So, in all this busyness and stuff we're singing His praises because wow - He is worthy of it!

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  1. Chaos is beautiful sometimes right?! Hang in there my friend!