Monday, September 19, 2011

*Might Have* Monday

We might have taken the kids to Costco after church yesterday and considered all the free samples they ate their lunch.

I might have let Jack sit on my lap and steer the car down our (long!) driveway this morning after Talie and Carter got on the bus. I might regret this in the near future (like the next time we get in the car).

I might have gotten unreasonably excited when my parent's gave Jeff his belated birthday present this weekend and I found out it was tickets to the civil war football game in November. Like SO excited that I'm not even sure he wants to take me with him anymore.

I might have taken three or four breaks this morning during my 30 minute workout and checked FaceBook because I SO didn't feel like working out. You know how many of my friends post something new in a 30 minute time frame in the middle of a Monday morning? None. The fact that I know this? LAME.

1 comment:

  1. Yay! :) much appreciated. Do you know how many breaks I take "studying" hoping to see something new here? A lot. :)