Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Alrighty Then

It's been a monthandahalf while, blah, blah, blah.

Moving right along.

No, really, we moved right along. I just didn't document it on my blog because I've been a bit busy. Moving, remember?

So, yeah, we have renters in our house, we're done with all the remodeling (until next summer) at my parents' house, and we're settled in. Eating fresh blueberries and other wonderfully organic food out of the garden, playing outside in the glorious sunshine (okay, shade, it's been over 90 degrees this week!), having lazy afternoons down at the lake, and making plans to get cows and chickens in the spring (seriously, and I'm SO excited!) - I think we can handle this.

Natalie and Carter started school today (6 minute bus ride instead of the 45 minute bus ride they had last year - HOLLA!) and I feel like there is FINALLY some semblance of routine and normalcy around here besides the fact that I say "Goodnight" to my parents before heading to bed, like I did when I was 15.

Also? Our summer flew by (did yours!?) - somehow I lost our summer bucket list somewhere in the middle of June (and by "lost" I mean purposefully disregarded it because it was depressing to think about all the things we didn't seem to be getting to while we were doing the much too adult-like job of throwing drawers full of junk stuff in boxes and duct taping them shut for the storage unit). But there was a lot that we did get to do and I'm very thankful for that (more on that later).

So anyway, friends, this is pretty much just an, "I'm back and I'm sorry for the lack-of-blogging this summer. There are no excuses. (Well, there are, but I'm too tired to make them up right now)" post.

It's good to be back, I missed you guys!


  1. You forget to mention you went to ALASKA! I would love to hear a funny blog (because we know it would be..hello, was he taking a pic of our boobs? LOL) about your flight seeing experience. So get on that would ya? ;-)

  2. Hooray!!! I am so happy you are back! :)