Monday, September 26, 2011

*Might Have* Monday

I might have fallen so in love with my new gadget (the BodyBugg) I got this past week that I would totally marry it (you know, if I weren't already married. Minor details.).

I might have dyed my hair ala "box method" a couple of days ago. Carter looked at me (right when I was getting started) then back at the box and says, "Um, Mom... Even if your hair ends up the exact color as this girl's, you're still not going to look anything like her." Thank you very much, son.

I might have fed my kids cereal for breakfast before church yesterday (sans milk - what? we were out...). Followed by McDonalds after church for lunch. Followed by pizza for dinner. I know. Not winning.

I might have been a little disappointed when I woke up this morning and realized that it was a weekday... beings that I forgot to pack lunches or even get backpacks and lunch boxes out from under the pile of crap in the back of the suburban from last Thursday when I threw them all back there but since the weather is FINALLY showing signs of fall, I'm still happy - on a Monday! Monumental, I tell you!

What might you guys have done lately???

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