Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Still Got It

Since Jeff was super sick on Easter, I took the kids solo to all the festivities (poor guy! And poor me, if I'm being honest). Our first stop was to my Grandma's Lutheran church. It was a long hour and 15 minutes for the kids, although the big kids did amazingly well aside from when we sang a certain "Hallelujah" song and Carter leaned over 4 people to shout-whisper to me, "This song is from Shrek! You HATE Shrek!" thankyouforthat,son.

Towards the end of the service, I Jack started getting a little antsy so I decided for his good to take him out to the foyer and just wait for my parents and Grandma (who Natalie and Carter were sitting in between) to meet us out there.

As I walked with Jack down the stairs from the sanctuary I noticed a guy - about my age I would have guessed - staring at me. I looked behind me to see if he was waiting for someone, but no, he was looking right at me. It was obvious. I'm 8 months pregnant walking with my 4 year old not so gracefully down a flight of stairs and you know what I was thinking?

That guy is totally checking me out! 

I know, I know. Totally immature (and completely fleeting) thought, but it did cross my mind. He was staring at me (and I didn't even have toilet paper on my shoes or anything!). I was pretty ashamed of myself for even caring proud of myself.

Anyway, Jack and I kept walking and sat at the benches by the front doors and started playing I-Spy-With-My-Little-Eye until church was over and the rest of our family met us there. As we're gathered in the crowded room outside the sanctuary we're saying our goodbyes (they were all headed to my Aunt and Uncle's house and the kids and I were headed to Jeff's parent's place) when my Dad's cousin and his wife walk up to us and say hello (we didn't even know they were there). Since I hadn't seen them in forever I quickly introduced them to my kids and then Dad's cousin says, "Oh, and our son, Bryce is here, too! I'll bet you guys haven't seen each other in YEARS!"

"Bryce" squeezes through the crowd and it was at that moment I realized that when I was walking down the stairs earlier, I wasn't getting "checked out," I was getting recognized... by my cousin.

So this year Easter was pretty eventful. My husband couldn't go because he was sick and I (being left all alone and apparently vulnerable - ha!) got humbled by thinking I was getting checked out by my third cousin. Nice.

Luckily the day got better from there on out. Even though I didn't get hit on by any family members.


  1. Cousin, schmousin...he was totally checkin' you out! ( :

    LOL!! Only you, Karey, only you!!

    1. (And I meant for the "I know, right" to be at the "only you, Karey" because who else would assume someone was checking them out when they're chubby and 8 months preggo - and then find out that it's their cousin!? Yes. Only me.) Ha!!