Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Unexpected Outing

So.... flooded out. Not now. But we were. Over the weekend.

I guess technically we didn't have to be - Jeff called home as soon as he got to work on Friday and said, "If you're going to want to get out of the house at all between now and Sunday, you're going to want to pack up the kids and head out within the hour or it's going to be too flooded to get through the road." - so, I (obviously) packed everyone/thing up and we headed down to his parent's place.

We had a fun two days of relaxing, playing cards, playing pool, eating, visiting, and stuff and then by Saturday afternoon we decided to attempt to make it back home (we were thinking positively that the water had gone down enough after hardly any rain all day Saturday).

Riiiiiight. No such luck.

So there we were. Sitting on the impassable road that leads to our driveway wondering what to do. We did what any normal parents would do (turned the radio up in the back seat so the kids couldn't hear and thus give their unrealistic "let's drive to Florida {or wherever they can think of}!" input) and Jeff simply said, "I have an idea" and we were off.

Turns out my husband had quite the plan up his sleeve! He takes us to "town" (Eugene) where he drives to a hotel and gets a HUGE (seriously, it was b.i.g.) 2-bedroom (not to be confused with two-room - it was 2 BEDROOMS) hotel suite (that had just been built so it was niiiiiiice!). Two full bedrooms and bathrooms connected by a full kitchen and full living room and dining room. Huge. Although since we've been practically sharing a bedroom with our kids in the upstairs of my parent's house for the last 8 months, I realize that my vision of "HUGE" could be slightly off from the normal perspective. Nevertheless, it was the bigest hotel room that I had ever stayed at.

The looks on the kids' (an mine, I'm sure!) faces were priceless. They were SO excited! We brought our bags up and before we could even sit down, Jeff says, "Okay, lets get in the car!"

Without questioning where (they were having too much fun with not knowing details) the kids excitedly led the way back to the car where Jeff drove us to a nice Mexican restaurant to have dinner. It was so much fun! We don't normally go out to eat at sit-down places just the five of us because we usually only go when we're celebrating something with other people, or Jeff and I go as a date without the kids, but we were convinced that we need to more often because we really had so much fun!

Following dinner, we picked up some dessert treats and headed back to the hotel room where we hung out together watching TV and laughing and staying up entirely too late. Honestly, it was perfect.

The next morning we had a (super yummy and HOT) continental breakfast at the hotel and then instead of rushing to get packed up and ready to go by check-out time, Jeff called and asked for a late check-out, so we stayed and hung out in our room until mid-afternoon. PERFECTION I tell you. We haven't laughed that hard in a long time - it was great.

I'm not normally one to like not knowing what's going on (or not having any say), but I've got to hand it to my husband - he really did well (and scored even more major bonus points when I saw what the room cost {YIKES} and then saw the price he talked them into - having a husband who's in the business of "business" has definitely got perks!).

Anyway, a weekend with my little family ended up being more medicine for my soul than I even knew I needed.

Oh, and also? I totally love my husband and our kids. Really, really.


  1. Sounds like such an amazing weekend!! You sure do have a keeper. ;)

  2. yay, Yay and YAY!!! I too am a planner but have found that some of our best times, as parents, as a couple, have been spontaneous and spur of the moment.

    Glad your hubby spoiled you! ( :

    1. I love being spontaneous (sometimes, lol) and this was the best of both of them! :) It was wonderful.